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User Review  - A_Reader_of_Fictions - LibraryThing

As one of the perpetually single, I knew that I had to read this book. I've barely been in a relationship, and certainly not in a long-term, plus-one to events type one. Without a doubt, I am ... Read full review

LibraryThing Review

User Review  - scote23 - LibraryThing

Light fluff that I read in preparation for going to a wedding as a single person for the first time in years. Not really sure it was a great book for that, but a decent way to pass the time. Read full review

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Five single people attending a wedding without a plus one, a bride who is quite unhappy with their decision and somehow all of the singles are separated like 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon! How can you not fall in love with this book? There are five people who decided against bringing a plus one even though the bride insisted - this book is about their stories, why they are single and why they decided not to bring someone to the wedding.
Each character has a few chapters each in their own voice to help bring the reader from the bachelorette party to the invitations to the wedding while giving enough of a back story for the reader to appreciate why they were invited to the wedding. The connections between the characters is what made this story even bigger and better than the synopsis could make it out to be.
As I plan my wedding, I loved reading about how guests may be linked to each other in more ways than one. It made me rethink how all of my guests may know each other besides knowing me or my fiance.

Review: The Singles

User Review  - Emily - Goodreads

I love Meredith Goldstein! I read Love Letters religiously and she gives some of the best advice around. Smart, rational, balanced advice - I wish we could be BFFs. But I think she's a better writer ... Read full review

Review: The Singles

User Review  - Lori - Goodreads

I really enjoy the author of this book, Meredith, who writes a relationship column for the Boston Globe, and other well-written feature articles! I loved the premise of this book--singles at a wedding ... Read full review

Review: The Singles

User Review  - Bethany - Goodreads

I really enjoyed this book! I always love the premise of a story told from multiple POVs and seeing how they come together. This one is about five "singles" (people who didn't bring any date) at a ... Read full review

Review: The Singles

User Review  - Marissa Morrison - Goodreads

I have always found the singles table at a wedding to be a lively place. But in this book "the singles" at Bee's wedding are a sad-sack group--overly attached to their dogs, their mothers, their ex ... Read full review

Review: The Singles

User Review  - Chana Snyder - Goodreads

I'm going to be hard on Meredith Goldstein, whose 'Love Letters' column is thoroughly enjoyable and for whom I had high hopes with this first novel. C'mon, Meredith, you're a better writer than this ... Read full review

Review: The Singles

User Review  - Kristy - Goodreads

Reading this on the beach in the outer banks where my friends are getting married tomorrow. My date bailed last minute. I don't think I've ever read a book so appropriate to where I am in my life at ... Read full review

Review: The Singles

User Review  - Nicole - Goodreads

I was disappointed in this book. I know I'm not the target audience, but I read plenty of books that seem more appropriately targeted to 20-something singles. The characters were unlikeable. There ... Read full review

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