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Page 26 - And let the counsel of thine own heart stand: for there is no man more faithful unto thee than it. For a man's mind is sometime wont to tell him more than seven watchmen, that sit above in a high tower.
Page 7 - Probably at no time in the history of the world has there been such an advance in material prosperity as has taken place since John Augustus, the first probation officer, set us a shining example of altruism and common sense here in the dingy criminal court in Boston.
Page 51 - S = (ace of clubs, ace of diamonds, ace of hearts, ace of spades ) b.

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Electronic version of 1922 book detailing the history and practice of tea leaf reading. Includes directory of symbols and sample readings etext/ 6964

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The following twenty illustrations are photographs of cups which on various occasions have been turned by consultants and interpreted by a seer Tea/ 01tb/ 017.htm

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Telling Fortunes by Tea Leaves Psychic Occult ebook su How ...
Prima dell'acquisto Telling Fortunes by Tea Leaves Psychic Occult ebook , puoi consultare le recensioni e le guide all'acquisto di ebay. ... Telling-Fortunes-by-Tea-Leaves-Psychic-Occult-EBook_W0QQitemZ260204529968QQihZ016QQcategoryZ102483QQcmdZ...

How To Read Tea Leaves en venta en (finaliza el 22-abr-08 ...
TELLING FORTUNES BY TEA LEAVES. HOW TO READ YOUR FATE IN A TEACUP. By Cicely Kent. This is a fantastic ebook on the divination method of tasseography, ... How-To-Read-Tea-Leaves_W0QQitemZ9505934449QQihZ004QQcategoryZ113794QQcmdZViewItem

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In Telling Fortunes By Tea Leaves (text written by Cicely Kent in 1922), you finally get the opportunity to learn everything there is to reading tea leaves! ... LEARN-HOW-TO-READ-TEA-LEAVE-FORTUNES-EBOOK-INSTANT-DL_W0QQitemZ300204448152QQihZ020QQcategoryZ47103QQcmd...

Religion and the occult, hundreds of books on CD
All but one of these books is in plain text, the one exception, One exception -- Telling Fortunes by Tea Leaves is in html format instead of plain text, ... religioncd.html

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