Pizarro; a Spanish Rolla-king Peruvian Drama: A Burlesque, in One Act ... (Google eBook)

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Lacy, 1856 - Musicals - 36 pages
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Page 13 - My brave associates partners of my toil, my feelings, and my fame ! can Rolla's words add vigour to the virtuous energies which inspire your hearts ? No ! You have judged as I have, the foulness of the crafty plea by which these bold invaders would delude you Your generous spirit has compared as mine has, the motives which, in a war like this, can animate...
Page 7 - Pizarro,' long known as a most attractive play, I cannot but think that a wide field is afforded for the introduction of that historical detail which lends new interest to theatrical art. The present age demands that all dramatic representations must of necessity be accompanied by a certain selection of scenery, dresses, and music. The public voice has justified me in deciding that truth in these matters is preferable to...
Page 35 - I'm rather late, but thought it an improvement, To try a slight rolla-en-tando movement ; But now, lest it should chance to be mislaid, " Cora, per Parcels Company, prepaid," I wrapped it up, lest I should chance to chip it.
Page 12 - We have surprised a regular old pump ; Or, in the lingo of the place to speak, An old cask Piz. Cask, fool, you must mean Cacique : Well, roll him in ; but mind with cords you strap him, Cacique or Cask, we'll find the way to tap him.
Page 21 - For such bequest I grateful ought to be, A rib you leave me by that your leg-acy. Pray don't give way to this desponding state, 'But bravely, now, your pecker elevate.
Page 19 - Where'er they move loud curses greet their cause. How different with us we get applause. They offer us protection, when you know Protection's dead and buried long ago.
Page 13 - Spaniards come upon our laud to prey, Our Incas stole it, so why should'nt they ? They have a leader who is bold as brass, We serve a monarch who is let that pass, As in prcesenti, that is when he's present, I don't want to say any thing unpleasant.
Page 22 - You sneaking, snivelling, miserable dolts, I'll spiflicate the wretched cur who bolts ; Look yonder, you disloyal, wretched rout, See how they've knock'd the poor old king about. Sol.
Page 6 - I munch'd his image, made of gingerbread, Sucked lollypops, shaped like Pizarro's head His very name awakens soft suggestions Of early joys Val. And early indigestions, JSlv.
Page 19 - Oh, why Didn't I have a cast in my left eye ? Why on each cheek these fascinating dimples ? Oh, why oh, why, instead hadn't I pimples ? Sol.

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