Mind: Primary Cause of Human Evolution, Volume 1

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Trafford Publishing, 2005 - Science - 390 pages
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This first book proposes that Man has developed different types of human intelligence over the past three million years. It is part of a series which is a rewriting of prehistory that does not include the ape-man hypothesis.
Volume 1 focuses on the mechanisms of evolution of brain size and the true basis for intelligence which I propose is not brain size, but brain surface area ie. the convoluted cerebral cortex.
A new method of situating fossil specimens within the characteristics of their population is pioneered which enables a readily intelligible comparison with modern populations. The reasons for diversity in body type in Lower Palaeolithic and modern populations is related not only to climate, but also to life style, particularly the habitual form of locomotion and degree to which it is practiced.
The author supplies as much data as was found available on the related subjects such that the reader can make their own assessment. The ground breaking ideas which have resulted from this quest to develop new theory could well become areas for new research and investigation.
The analytical and theoretical tools developed in this book are used to analyse the extraordinary new find of Homo floresiensis which is found to be linked to the H. africanus / habilis taxonomic group, rather than being a dwarfed form of Homo erectus. The very small brain of Homo floresiensis is, in fact, archaeological embodiment of the central thesis of this book, namely that prehistoric Man could have a small brain and be intelligent.

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