Signature of All Things, of the Supersensual Life, of Heaven and Hell: Discourse Between Two Souls

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Kessinger Publishing, Jan 1, 1992 - Philosophy - 308 pages
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Showing the Sign and Signification of the Several Forms and Shapes in the Creation; and what the Beginning, Ruin, and Cure of Everything is. It proceeds out of Eternity into Time, and again out of Time into Eternity, and Comprises all Mysteries. And other Writings Of the Supersensual Life or the Life which is Above Sense; The Way from Darkness to True Illumination; Discourse Between Two Souls. Contents: How that all whatever is spoken of God without the Knowledge of the Signature is dumb and without Understanding, and that in the Mind of Man the Signature lies very exactly composed, according to the Being of all Beings, Of the Opposition and Combat in the Essence of all Essences, whereby the Ground of the Sympathy and Antipathy in Nature may be seen, and also the Corruption and Cure of each Thing, Of the great Mystery of all Beings, Of the Birth of the four Elements and Stars, Of the Sulphurean Death, and how the dead Body is revived and replaced into its first Glory or Holiness, How a Water and Oil is generated, How Adam (while he was in Paradise) and also Lucifer were glorious Angels, Of the Sulphurean Sude, or Seething of the Earth, Of the Signature, showing how the inward signs the outward, Of the inward and outward Cure of Man, Of the Process of Christ in his Suffering, Dying, and Rising again, Of the Seventh Form in the Kingdom of the Mother, Of the Enmity of the Spirit and Body, and of their Cure and Restoration, Of the Wheel of Sulphur, Mercury, and Salt; of the Generation of Good and Evil: how the one is changed into the other, Of the Will of the great Mystery in Good and Evil; how a good and evil Will originally arises, and how the one introduces itself into the other, Of theEternal Signature and Heavenly Joy; Things were brought into Evil and Good.; Of the Sup

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