The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles: Scientific Research & Urban Legends

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Frog Books, 2001 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 157 pages
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Though they are not just a recent phenomenon, during the past few decades new crop circles have been reported worldwide at the rate of about one per day, creating considerable controversy over their origin and cause. Theoretical experimental physicist Eltjo Haselhoff presents a comprehensive overview of these beautiful and mysterious formations. His research includes a scientific investigation of germination anomalies, the dead fly enigma, peculiar deposits, geometrical ratios, and balls of light. In addition, he reports on the first-person accounts of people who have witnessed their appearance and even ventures into the study of the psychic perspective. Haselhoff comes to some fascinating conclusions in the last chapter, 'Circular Arguments.' After reading this book, you will definitely agree with Conclusion Six: 'Something very strange going on.'

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this has like um no information what so ever
so dont use this book

Review: The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles: Scientific Research and Urban Legends

User Review  - Sally - Goodreads

Good coverage of the subject, that doesn't put forth any answers but presents data on the subject, particularly from northern Europe. The author doesn't have a particular ax to grind beyond wanting the subject to be taken seriously as a research subject. Read full review

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About the author (2001)

Eltjo Haselhoff has written the first book on crop circles based on scientific evidence. His research, as introduced in the first chapter, 'A Great But Most Tangible Mystery,' addresses some of the most concrete crop circle phenomena: the dead fly enigma, curious deposits, germination anomalies, and balls of light. Studies with mathematical formulas allow any reader to analyze and verify, or dispute, the author's findings. For those interested in a more metaphysical approach, the author provides 'The Psychic Perspective: Earth Forces, Aliens, Gate to Another World, and Messages from the Cosmos.' Diagrams and color photographs throughout the book guarantee a fascinating journey through the world of crop circles even for those not inclined toward laboratories and numbers.

Eltjo Haselhoff has a Ph.D. in Theoretical and Experimental Physics. He has been examining the crop circle phenomenon for over ten years, and has personally visited hundreds of crop circles. Born and educated in the Netherlands, Dr. Haselhoff has worked at many research institutes, including Los Alamos National Laboratories. He has published dozens of articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, such as The Journal of Applied Physics, and The Physical Review. His most recent article appeared in the prestigious, international scientific journal, Physiologia Plantarum.

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