The Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 53 (Google eBook)

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Macmillan, 1898 - Great Britain
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Page 177 - The best blood of England flows in my veins. On my father's side I am a Northumberland, on my mother's I am related to kings ; but this avails me not. My name shall live in the memory of man when the titles of the Northumberlands and the Percys are extinct and forgotten.
Page 176 - to the United States of America, to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men.
Page 398 - proportionable to the twelve moneths. Entitled to the noble and vertuous Gentleman most worthy of all titles both of learning and cheualrie M. Philip Sidney. At London. Printed by • Hugh Singleton, dwelling in Creede Lane neere vnto Ludgate at the signe of the gylden Tunne, and are there to be solde, 1579.
Page 400 - had myself, like wight forlore, Into that waste, where I was quite forgot. The which to leave thenceforth he counselled me, Unmeet for man in whom was aught regardful, And wend with him his Cynthia to see, Whose grace was great, and bounty most rewardful.
Page 405 - to represent all the moral virtues, assigning to every virtue a knight to be the patron and defender of the same ; in whose actions and feates of armes and chivalry the operations of that virtue, •whereof he is the protector, are to be expressed, and the vices and unruly appetites that oppose themselves against the same to be beaten down and overcome.
Page 405 - of armes and chivalry the operations of that virtue, •whereof he is the protector, are to be expressed, and the vices and unruly appetites that oppose themselves against the same to be beaten down and overcome.
Page 402 - care, Through discontent of my long fruitless stay In Princes court and expectation vayne, Of idle hopes which still doe fly away Like empty shaddowes, did afflict, my brayne.
Page 284 - odes, and other lirickes among the Greekes very well translated by Rounsard the French poet, and applied to the honour of a great prince in France, comes our minion and translates the same out of French into English, and applieth them to the honour of
Page 184 - If I can prevail upon my wife to execute my last will, you shall receive my poor carcase in a box after I am dead to be placed among your rarities. I am already so dry and emaciated that I may pass for an Egyptian mummy without any other preparation than some pitch and painted linen.
Page 433 - and of the historian.' Dr. Johnson had heard it observed, ' and with great justness,' that every book by him is of a different kind, 'and that each has its distinct and characteristical excellence.' His name is connected with a masterpiece in English literature, for he assisted Dean Aldrich in revising for original publication Lord Clarendon's ' History of the Civil War.

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