A Greek-English lexicon: based on the German work of Francis Passow (Google eBook)

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Harper, 1848 - Foreign Language Study - 1705 pages
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If you are in need of a lexicon that can most ancient and classical works, this would be the one. You can buy this on Amazon, I have only seen the most recent version for sale(9th ed.), you can get a used copy for about $100, however, this one is free. contrary to the other person who reviewed this book, I was able to download, but it did take some time, it is a full 219 megs. Now of cousrse this is missing some of the newer material, but still, if you can't yet afford the newest ed. why not download and use this one. 

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This would have been a sensationally useful addition to my reference works, if only it could be downloaded, but alas, after FOUR attempts, I still don't have it, and still have to look it up at Google. If I could have it, I'd give it 4 stars, despite the several mangled pages. Viqi

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Page 176 - They say also that the moon, as viewed from this island, appears to be but a little distance from the earth and to have upon it prominences, like those of the earth, which are visible to the eye. The account is also given that the god visits the island every nineteen years, the period in which the return of the stars to the same place in the heavens is accomplished; and for this reason the nineteen-year period is called by the Greeks the "year of Meton.
Page 73 - Love," were the martial courtesans known to the Greeks as the mythical Amazons. Their name is usually said to be compounded of a privative and fjia£os " the breast," because according to the professed explanation of this absurd etymology, they deprived themselves of the right breast that it might not interfere with the use of the bow. But more probably it was derived from the endearing Aramaic title of Um or Umu, given generally to the consorts of the Assyro -Baby lonian gods, and particularly to...
Page 5 - Persian angara (d-yyapos), a mounted courier, such as were kept ready at regular stages throughout the Persian Empire for carrying royal dispatches.

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