George Romney (Google eBook)

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C. Scribner, 1910 - 418 pages
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Page 103 - O, welcome, pure-eyed Faith, white-handed Hope, Thou hovering angel girt with golden wings, And thou unblemished form of Chastity!
Page 241 - Suddenly, on the day after visiting the Truchsessian Gallery of Pictures, I was again enlightened with the light I enjoyed in my youth, and which has for exactly twenty years been closed from me as by a door and by window-shutters.
Page 167 - I have been received with open arms by all the Neapolitans of both sexes, by all the foreigners of every distinction. I have been presented to the Queen of Naples by her own desire. (She [h]as shown me all sorts of kind and affectionate attentions. In short, I am the happiest woman in the world.
Page 373 - ... either forming the figure into a mass with one or two deep folds only, or, by its adhesion and transparency, discovering the form of the figure, the lines of which were finely varied with the union or expansion of spiral or cascade folds, composing with or contrasting the outline and chiaro-oscuro. Few artists, since the fifteenth century, have been able to do so much in so many different branches...
Page 362 - This pencil take (she said) whose colours clear Richly paint the vernal year : Thine too these golden keys, immortal Boy ! This can unlock the gates of Joy; Of Horrour that, and thrilling Fears, Or ope the sacred source of sympathetic Tears.
Page 372 - It was his delight by day, and study by night : and for this his food and rest were often neglected. His compositions, like those of the ancient pictures and basso-relievos, told their story by a single group of figures in the front ; while the background is made the simplest possible, rejecting all unnecessary episode and trivial ornament, either of secondary groups or architectural subdivision. In his compositions, the beholder was forcibly struck by the sentiment at the first glance...
Page 362 - This pencil take' (she said), 'whose colours clear Richly paint the vernal year: Thine, too, these golden keys, immortal Boy! This can unlock the gates of joy; Of horror that, and thrilling fears, Or ope the sacred source of sympathetic tears.
Page 165 - She performed in my house last week, singing and acting before some of the nobility with most astonishing powers...
Page 372 - His cartoons, some of which have unfortunately perished, were examples of the sublime and terrible : at that time perfectly new in English art. As Romney was gifted with peculiar powers for historical and ideal painting, so his heart and soul were engaged in the pursuit of it, whenever he could extricate himself from the importunate business of portrait painting.
Page 239 - Mr. Flaxman agrees with me that somewhat more than outline is necessary to the execution of Romney's designs, because his merit is eminent in the art of massing his lights and shades. I should propose to etch them in a rapid but firm manner, somewhat, perhaps, as I did the Head of Euler ; the price I receive for engraving Flaxman's outlines of Homer is five guineas each. I send the Domenichino, which is very neatly done.

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