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Page 50 - SHATTUCK, GEORGE BURBANK. The Pleistocene Problem of the North Atlantic Coastal Plain. Johns Hopkins Univ. Circ., vol. xx, 1901, pp.
Page 48 - BULLOCK. Historical Sketch, embracing an Account of the Progress of Investigation concerning the Physical Features and Natural Resources of Maryland. Md. Geol. Surv., vol. 1, 1897, pp. 48-138, plates ii-v. Outline of Present Knowledge of the Physical Features of Maryland.
Page 113 - ... clays are already known and as exploration advances new ones are frequently discovered. Some of the more typical exposures will now be described. Along the shore, about a mile below Bodkin Point, Anne Arundel County, the variegated clays of the Raritan formation are finely exposed in a cliff some 30 feet in height. These clays occupy the greater portion of the section and carry an abundance of lignite more or less incrusted with crystals of pyrite. Sands and gravels of the Talbot formation unconformably...
Page 44 - First Report of Philip T. Tyson, State Agricultural Chemist, to the House of Delegates of Maryland, January, 1860.
Page 47 - WOOLMAN, LEWIS. Artesian wells and water-bearing horizons of Southern New Jersey (with a "note on the extension southward of diatomaceous clays and the occurrence there of flowing artesian wells.") New Jersey Geol. Surv., Kept.
Page 40 - HH Geological Essays; or an Inquiry into some of the Geological Phenomena to be found in various parts of America and elsewhere.
Page 45 - HEILPRIN, ANGELO. On the Stratigraphical Evidence Afforded by the Tertiary Fossils of the Peninsula of Maryland.
Page 102 - Wicornico formations. Areal Distribution. The Talbot formation is developed as a fringe about the margin of the Wicomico and occupies the lowest level of the three terraces. In the valley of the Patuxent River, as well in the depressions of its principal tributaries, the Talbot formation is found well developed, but on the Bay shore it seems to have suffered considerably from erosion and is absent along much of the coast line. It may be seen, however, near Chesapeake Beach, Dares Wharf, Cove Point,...
Page 170 - ... the prevailing path of storms. The sun's power is greatest when the rays strike the earth's surface vertically, and the highest temperatures might be expected to occur in regions where the sun is overhead at noon, which can take place only within the tropics. The inclination of the earth's axis 23£ degrees from the perpendicular to the plane of its orbit profoundly modifies this simple deduction by causing a variation in the length of the day as the pole is approached. During the summer of the...
Page 18 - The State Geological Survey desires to extend its thanks to the several National organizations which have liberally aided it in the preparation of several of the papers contained in this volume. The Director of the US Geological Survey, the Chief of the US Weather Bureau, the Chief of the US Forest Service and the Chief of the Bureau of Soils of the US Department of Agriculture have granted many facilities for the conduct of the several investigations and the value of the report has been much enhanced...

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Topographic map of Calvert County. Accession No.: MSA SC 1427-1-698 ... Map of Calvert County showing the topography and election districts. Accession No. ... msa/ speccol/ catalog/ cfm/ dsp_inventory.cfm?CurrentPage=48& speccol=1427& serno=1& a_level...

Maryland Miocene Fossils
I found these Miocene marine fossils in 1966, along the shore of the Chesapeake Bay, in Calvert County. At the time, the locality was in Camp Theodore ... fossils/ maryland/ maryland.htm

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