Techniques in Protein Chemistry VIII

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Daniel R. Marshak
Academic Press, 1997 - Electronic books - 908 pages
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Praise for the Series: "The mainly sharp scientific focus of this set of snapshots is a credit to both the contricutors and the editorial team." --Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry Techniques in Protein Chemistry VIII is the latest volume in this successful series. As a valuable bench-top reference tool for protein chemists, the ten section sof the book are divided by subject area to show the reader which techniques are currently applied to particular problems in protein science. This approach reflects current trends in which specific instruments and methodologies are used in several different areas. * * The book features the latest advances in protein chemistry methodologies in the following areas: * Protein sequencing and amino acid analysis * Mass spectral analysis of peptides and proteins * Posttranslational processing * High-sensitivity protein and peptide separations * Protein folding and NMR * Functional domain analysis * Protein design and engineering * Three-dimensional protein structure

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