The great American fraud: Articles on the nostrum evil and quacks, in two series, reprinted from Collier's weekly (Google eBook)

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American Medical Association, 1907 - Patent medicines - 166 pages
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Page 126 - may cancel this contract, pro-rata, in case advertisements are published in this paper in which their products are offered, with a view to substitution or other harmful motive; also in case any matter otherwise detrimental to the JC Ayer Company's interest is permitted to appear in the reading columns or elsewhere in the paper.
Page 123 - patent medicines that afternoon than often comes to light in a single day. The debate at times was dramatic—a member from Salem told of a young, woman of his acquaintance now in an institution for inebriates as the end of an incident which began with patent medicine dosing for a harmless ill. There was humor, too. in
Page 5 - so I wrote to about forty papers and merely said: 'Please look at your contract with me and take note that if this law passes you and I must stop doing business.' The next week every one of them had an article
Page 130 - We have had a good deal of difficulty in the last few years with the different legislatures of the different states. ... I believe I have a plan whereby we will have no difficulty whatever with these people. I have used it in my business for two years and
Page 125 - to one-half goes for advertising." More than six years ago, Cheney, the president of the National Association of Patent Medicine Men, estimated the yearly amount paid to the newspapers by the larger patent medicine concerns at twenty million dollars—more than one thousand dollars to each daily, weekly and monthly periodical in the United States.
Page 122 - and a dreadful form of death, where in 90 per cent of cases reputable treatment would have brought the patient through. In some localities it is against the law to publish advertisements of this class. Pennsylvania has such a law, but it is a dead letter.
Page 57 - constituent is alcohol; and, finally, to Dr. Bye's Oil Cure for cancer, a particularly cruel swindle on unfortunates suffering from an incurable malady. All of these, with other matter, which for the sake of decency I do not care to detail in these columns, appear in recent issues of the Christian Endeavor World,
Page 68 - Our national quality of commercial shrewdness fails us when we go into the open market to purchase relief from suffering. The average American, when he sets out to buy a horse, or a house, or a box of cigars,
Page 57 - copy, I would call their attention to the ridiculous claims of Dr. Shoop's medicines, which "cure" almost every disease; to two hair removers, one an "Indian Secret," the other an "accidental discovery," both either fakes or dangerous; to the lying claims of Hall's Catarrh Cure, that it is "a positive cure for catarrh

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