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Addison-Wesley, 1981 - Computers - 366 pages
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With the same style and clarity that characterized their highly acclaimed "The Elements of Programming Style" and "Software Tools," the authors have written "Software Tools in Pascal" to teach how to write good Pascal programs that make good tools. The programs contained in the book are not artificial, but are actual tools that have proved valuable in the production of other programs.

Structured programming and top-down design are emphasized and applied to every program, as are principles of sound design, testing, efficiency, and portability. All of the programs are complete and have been tested directly from the text. The programs are available in machine-readable form from Addison-Wesley.

"Software Tools in Pascal" is ideal for use in a software engineering course, for a second course in programming, or as a supplement in any programming course. All programmers, professional and student, will find the book invaluable as a source of proven, useful programs for reading and study. Numerous exercises are provided to test comprehension and to extend the concepts presented in the book.

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About the author (1981)

Brian Kernighan received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Princeton University in 1969. He was in the Computing Science Research Center at Bell Laboratories from 1969 to 2000 and now teaches in the Computer Science department at Princeton. He is the co-author of several computer science books, including THE C PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE and THE UNIX PROGRAMMING ENVIRONMENT.

Plauger is one of the original users of the C programming language.

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