The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in Ireland (Google eBook)

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Cooper, 1740 - 381 pages
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Page 346 - ... her: the same day they hanged two women in Kilbride, and two old decrepit men that begged alms of them. In the same year, Mr. Walter Dulin, an old man, unable to stir abroad many years before the war, was killed in his own house by lieutenant colonel Broughton's troopers, notwithstanding the said Broughton's protection, which the old man produced.
Page 356 - Cook, notwithstanding all his barbarous cruelties committed against the king's subjects, and having always eminently appeared against his majesty and his royal father, have been so well befriended as to be provided for by special name in his majesty's declaration for the settlement of Ireland. 1650, 1651.
Page 343 - Castle of Carriggmain, they were all put to the Sword, being about three hundred and fifty, most of them Women and Children, and Colonel Washington endeavouring to save a pretty Child of seven Years of Age, carried him under his Cloak, but the Child against. his Will was killed in his Arms, which was a principal Motive of his quitting that Service.
Page 349 - ... Patrick White, Son and Heir of Mr. White of Clangil, in Protection, was taken out of his Bed and knock'd on the Head, by Lieutenant Luaton of the Garrison of Trim. 1647. Three thousand Soldiers at the Battle of Dongans-hill, were killed after Quarter given them, by Colonel Michael Jones, and many Irish Officers taken in the Battle, and deeply wounded were killed the next Day after, when they could not march on Foot. 1649. After the taking of Drogheda by Cromwell, the Slaughter of Men, Women and...
Page 334 - Mr. Mahon for his majesty, after killing the said lieutenant colonel and his soldiers, put all the women and children to the sword, to the number of eighty, among whom a little pretty child of six years old, being spared by the soldiers, was killed by order of the said colonel Barrow. County of Cavan. 1641. Mr. De la Pool, an English gentleman, having taken lands in that county some years before the war, invited several VOL.
Page 134 - ... the king) gave up the place to Cromwell, and took conditions under him, and thereby gave entrance to him into the town...
Page 210 - In their declaration, annexed to their excommunication, they aHegc, which is true, " that he had reprefented to his majefty, that fome parts of the kingdom were difobedient, which abfolutely deny any difobedience to have been then committed ; and that thereby he had procured from his majefty, a letter to withdraw his own perfon and the royal authority, if fuch difobedience was- multiplied ; and fo leave the people without the benefit of the peace.
Page 43 - Commissioners have actually proceeded to the publication, yea, and forcing it upon the city by terror and threats, rather than by any free consent or desire of the people. We having duly...
Page 215 - Justices of the prisoner he had brought with him of the good testimony he had received of his peaceable carriage, and of the pains he had taken to restrain those with whom he had credit from entering into rebellion ; and of many charitable offices he had performed, of...
Page 344 - RathcofFy, having quarter given him in the same time by captain Ottoway, was killed by lieutenant Tomson as he rid behind one of Ottoway's troopers ; and one Mr. Hiny, an aged person, after dividing his goods, to the value of fifteen hundred pounds, among the soldiers, was knocked in the head, together...

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