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Sara Shepard is the author of many books including the oh-so-famous Pretty Little Liars series, and another series of books called, The Lying Game. Both which have been made into hit TV shows on ABC ... Read full review

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I love it!!! This is a really good series!

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This series is AMAZING. You won't be able to put them down! I read all of them within two days! (each, i don't have THAT much free time and I'm not THAT fast a reader). But you should definitely read these! Just beware: Mothers do not seem to be fond of this. So don't let them read it! Just kidding, but seriously. mothers aren't that fond. It has a bunch of teens that are into a bunch of bad stuff and there are some pretty creepy parts. But they are AWESOME 

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I really love these books! They are a mind blowing and mouth dropping series. I can't wait till the next book comes out; Heartless. Thank you Sara Shepard for this amazing book!

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hhhmm... what can i say, i freaking know what i can say pretty little liars is the start of the sieres well duh! its so good you will want more from every little juicey secret that comes out in the pages of this book book. I say Sara Shepard is the best writer since stephanie meyer and that is huge cant wait till they make a movie out of it! not! cuz the books alwys better unless there is'nt a book then nm. this book is one of the best books i have ever read which is huge cuz i am a picky reader this book so gets from 1 to 10 a 20 i goes over the the target!!!!!!!!! its not like the other books where the girl is so maddly i luv wth her bo' so but then voh no she has to go away and so she makes a vow to stay true to her bo' but then she finds a new guy to makeout with on the side lines so she dumps her bo' for the new guy that she hradly knows and most likely will break up with him in like to months just read it's so good!!!!!!! ok just a suggestion
kisses! -liv

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The first book of the series, really good!

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You'll love this series about five young girls' friednship, until one of those five turns up missing. Where is she? Is she alright? Sure, she was mean and used the other girls' secrets to tease them, but they still cared about her, thought of her like a sister. Sara Shepard's Pretty Little Liars novels are simply lucious. 

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AMAZING BOOK! I Love it so much! This is OFFICIALY right now my FAVIROTE Book Right Now! Very simalaire to The Clique But WAY better!

Excellent buy!!!

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This is a Chrsitmas gift to my daughter....she loves the series so I'm sure she will enjoy having them all to read one after the other. ... Read full review

Love These Books!

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The books came very quickly and were in great condition! Read full review

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