The Death of Modern Management: How to Lead in the New World Disorder (Google eBook)

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John Wiley & Sons, Dec 23, 2009 - Business & Economics - 288 pages
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We are at the start of a new wave of management. The recentfinancial crisis highlighted problems not just in the economicsystem, but also in the way that many companies are governed andmanaged. Now modern management has reached its end game and weapproach a new era in leadership. Rather than the certainties ofcommand and control, this new epoch will be based on co-operationand commitment. There has been a strategic revolution - instead offollowing the rules, we now have to make them. For some thisrepresents great risk; for others it is an enormous opportunity.

The Death of Modern Management is a how-to guide forsurviving and thriving amidst the new uncertainties of contemporarybusiness.

"...a joyride through new ideas, memorable stories and superbwriting." Philip Kotler

"Jo Owen gives a fascinating insight into how 21st centurymanagement now works.  It is helpful to have someone with hisexperience, intellect and vision explain the radical changes in away that makes sense and is immediately usable."
Juliet Hope, CEO, Startup

“Jo Owen delivers a robust and wide-ranging assault onthe delusions of management, strategy, finance and marketing thathave created an aura of justified mistrust around the moderncorporation, but does so with wit, lucidity and lots of enliveningillustrations. The answers for 21st century business are helpfullyaccessible.”
Professor Nigel Nicholson, London Business School, author ofManaging the Human Animal and Family Wars

"...offers insights that help encourage differentthinking." Director Magazine


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From Following the Rules to Makingthe Rules
From Selling Benefits to Selling Dreams
FromCAPMto theRoad toRuin Financial theory and the road to ruin
From Deficit to Hyperinflation
Managing complexity and coordination especially in a global firm
From Slavery to Freedom and Back Again

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About the author (2009)

Jo Owen is a bestselling business author, leader, socialentrepreneur and speaker, who practices what he preaches.

He was the best nappy salesman in Birmingham and put the bluespeckle in Daz. He led a business in Japan for three years, hasbeen a partner at Accenture, and was the architect of what is nowHBOS business banking. He is the co-founder is four charities:Teach First, which is now one of the UK’s top graduaterecruiters, Future Leaders and Teaching Leaders, which developsleaders for urban schools and StartUp, which helps offenders starttheir own businesses on release from prison.

He is the author of the classic books How to Lead, Howto Manage and Tribal Business School.

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