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The answer is in here.

User Review  - val105333849 -

Have you tried every book at the craft store to improve your drawing and still find that it looks childish? Do you find that you have to be in the mood to draw well? I found the answer and it is in ... Read full review


User Review  - frogge1 -

I bought this book for my sisters birthday. She is wanting to learn to draw without taking classes. I'm sure that the book will be a great start. I also bought the workbook for added help. I'm sure she will have a great time learning to draw. ... Read full review

The New Drawing on the right side of the brain

User Review  - jm835 -

This book gives lots of information about your drawing ideas and also helps on your techiques when your are painting with watercoloring. Our art teacher recommanded this book to the class. One side of ... Read full review

Betty Edwards

User Review  - pencilbychoice -

For years I have been recommending this book. At age 31 I borrowed the book from the library in 1983 and drew my first pencil portrait weeks later with absolutely great results. Until I read Betty ... Read full review

Retrains your Brain

User Review  - jrzygrly -

This book is not a typical "how-to". If the how-to books aren't working for you - then try this. The theory is valid and the book is written well to explain it. I've had teachers use some of these ... Read full review

Doesn't teach technique, teaches ability

User Review  - KittyThePooka - Borders

Pros: Actually teaches you how to draw I learned how to draw, really draw, using this book. Unlike other books or classes which teach you techniques, Betty Edwards explains how to actually see the ... Read full review

Review: The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

User Review  - Doug - Goodreads

Betty Edwards is amazing - I believe she is the one person more responsible than any other for the great advancements being made in art eduction that we've seen over the last few decades. Read full review

Review: The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

User Review  - Yoby - Goodreads

I had an art class that used this book as one of the textbooks. It immeadiately changed the way I viewed things. It was one of the pivotal books of my life (I ought to include that as a tag.) When I ... Read full review

Drawing on the Right Side

User Review  - whitebird100 -

This is an absolutely great book. I have used the material for years in teaching Art Students. Read full review

Review: The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

User Review  - Randy Lacelle - Goodreads

This book was very helpful to me when I began to really draw. Betty convinces you that you can draw no matter what... maybe part of it is that placebo effect but that never worked for me before :P ... Read full review

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