Rules of the Game: Detention, Deportation, Disappearance

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Columbia University Press, 2009 - Political Science - 288 pages
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"When the plane landed, they untied my blindfold. I found there were women and children on one side and men on the other side of the plane. They were saying, 'They are talking us to Mogadishu.' The Kenyans who brought me there were still here. I was crying and screaming and telling them to let me go as I had my passport and that I was from Dubai and they should send me back. One man tried to keep me quiet by saying, 'You are coming with us.' In total there were twenty-two women and children. Apart from me and another lady, everyone else was three to eight months pregnant."--2007 statement to Cageprisoners
Following the 2005 bombing of London's transportation infrastructure, Tony Blair declared that "the rules of the game have changed." Few anticipated the extent to which global counterterrorism would circumvent cherished laws, but profiling, incommunicado detention, rendition, and torture have become the accepted protocols of national security. In this book, Asim Qureshi travels to East Africa, Sudan, Pakistan, Bosnia, and the United States to record the testimonies of victims caught in counterterrorism's new game. Qureshi's exhaustive efforts reveal the larger phenomenon that has changed the way governments view justice. He focuses on the profiling of Muslims by security services and concurrent mass arrests, detaining individuals without filing charges, domestic detention policies in North America, and the effect of Guantanamo on global perceptions of law and imprisonment.

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About the author (2009)

Asim Qureshi is trained in law and is the senior researcher for Cageprisoners. With his team of researchers, he has published numerous reports exposing the use of unlawful detention, rendition, and torture in the "war on terror.

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