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No one can forget our Google the best internet services in the world, but unfortunately our google is not analysed world wide traffice to our website http://www, in Google analystics and Google Adwords which are high diffrences of the website world wide traffice according to SEO link wheels as follows
Site Analysis for as on 12/11/2011
Keyword Pos Traffic (%) Costs (%) Number of Results CPC Average vol. Url
duas 10 86.87 86.87 186000000 0.10 1300
dua s 10 6.08 6.08 183000000 0.10 91
duas from quran 5 4.00 4.00 2230000 0.10 36
quran duas 6 1.78 1.78 2250000 0.10 16
dua from quran 15 0.51 0.51 18000000 0.10 46
quranic dua 19 0.38 0.38 825000 0.10 58
Our Google may be pleased to clarified and setup our website world wide traffice in my Google Analystics and google adwords as equal in the traffice analyatics report in SEO link wheels as stated above and obledge
Our website contains more information not only to avoid all kinds of natural calamities in the world but also to improve economic growths in business, education, employment, jobs, health, wealth, security, faith, climate changes (heavy snow,rain,heat etc),and causes unity and peace all over the world.Our service all over the world is a non-profitable service to all mankind and animals.
Please check our homepage of the website to know our services.
Otherwise, the public of the world will suffer due to all kind of natural calamities till the day of resurrection and also they will fail to improve in economy in businesses,unity,peace,education,health,wealth,security,faith and also climate changes.
your's success,

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