Anabasis Alexandri: Book VIII (Indica): Easyread Edition (Google eBook)

Front Cover, Oct 1, 2006 - History - 60 pages
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Xenophon wrote several books most of which survived. The narrative is about military advance, or journey. And what a journey this was for 10,000 Greek mercenaries, through hostile territory, ultimately retreating back to Greece. Xenophon's informal and realistic style of writing makes this exciting real-life adventure story intensely interesting and captivating. Highly Recommended!

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Page 2 - Caucasus, that is, not the Scythian ; so that the story ran that Alexander came even to the far side of the Caucasus. The western part of India is bounded by the river Indus right down to the ocean, where the river runs out by two mouths, not joined together as are the five mouths of the Ister ; but like those of the Nile, by which the Egyptian delta is formed ; thus also the Indian delta is formed by the river Indus, not less than the Egyptian...
Page 1 - But the parts from the Indus eastward, these I shall call India, and its inhabitants Indians. The boundary of the land of India towards the north is Mount Taurus. It is not still called Taurus in this land; but Taurus begins from the sea over against Pamphylia and Lycia and Cilicia; and reaches as far as the Eastern Ocean, running right across Asia. But the...

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Historian, philosopher, and general, Arrian was born into a wealthy Greek family in Nicomedia, in Asia Minor. He was a pupil and friend of the philosopher Epictetus, whose lectures he published at Athens. For six years, from 131 to 137, he served as governor of Cappadocia under the emperor Hadrian. It was during this time that he successfully drove back invading Alans. Arrian wrote several geographical and historical works, including the Indica, an account of a voyage to India. He is best known, however, as author of the Anabasis. A much praised and valuable account of the life of Alexander the Great, it is based on the writings of Ptolemy I and Aristobulus, two of Alexander's generals. He modeled the work on Anabasis of Xenophon. Arrian died at an advanced age during the reign of Marcus Aurelius.

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