A Marine's Lapse in Synapse: Part Ii: More Unbelievable, But True Short Stories

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AuthorHouse, Feb 4, 2004 - History
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The idea for A Marine's Lapse in Synapse: Part Two came about while visiting with people about the first book. People would ask me about it, and say things like, "Hey, did you include the part when…" I'd reply with an, "Aw, shoot.", or something close to that, and scribble down some notes. Since writing the first book, people have inundated me with their stories, feeling slightly more comfortable sharing their dark side with one of their own (almost as if my book had given them permission). style='mso-spacerun:yes'>I've been asked to write their stories, and it's tempting. Someday I might, but for now, I've got enough of my own in my memory banks for a few more collections.

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