The Fault of One (Google eBook)

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J.B. Lippincott Company, 1896 - 354 pages
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Page 368 - There is uncommon freshness, like a wind from the wide plains, in these tales called Bunch- Grass Stories. They are the work of a writer who observes and seizes the picturesque traits in every land where fortune happens to call her, and her travels have evidently been many and far away. She has, likewise, much reading, which she puts to good account in stories that impart the ring of truth to classic episodes. A Blind Lead. The Story of a. Mine121110. Cloth, $1.25. " ' A Blind Lead' is certainly...
Page 367 - Joseph Hatton has written many successful volumes of incident, but in none of them has he given us a more stirring romance than in his latest novel,
Page 366 - Boston Congregationalist. For His Sake. I2mo. Paper, 50 cents; cloth, fi.oo. " Mrs. Alexander is always successful in tasks such as she has set herself in this novel, — the portrayal of character in English middle-class life. In dealing with domestic complications and the interaction of characters upon each other she is very skilful, and she contrives to divide our sympathies pretty equally between her heroine and her two lovers.
Page 360 - Richards have added greatly to the humor of the book by their illustrations. Twenty pages of these complete the work left unfinished by the illness and death of the author." — Cleveland Critic. "This comic History of England was evidently written in the author's best vein of humor, as well as with the strong attempt of making a funny history an instructive one ; for, throughout, he follows and adheres to dates and events with an historian's accuracy.
Page 367 - Cloth, $1.00; paper, 50 cents. " It is one of the strongest stories of the year, remarkably graphic in its descriptions of the wild and wonderful scenery amidst which its action is located, and equally remarkable for the character drawing of the real men and women who figure in it.
Page 368 - A Blind Lead' is certainly a powerful book. We took k up indifferently enough, but we had read a few pages only before we found it was no ordinary work by no ordinary writer. A good deal of skill is shown in the drawing of character. There are no dull pages, and the interest is continuous from the first chapter to the last."— Boston Advertiser.
Page 362 - Every Inch a Soldier. I2mo. Paper, 50 cents; cloth, $1.00. " Of the incidents of the work before us, the plot is highly entertaining, and Incidentally we meet the Bishop of Blankhampton, whose matrimonial affairs were ably discussed in a book previously written. It is a very pleasant and readable book, and we are glad to see it"—Norristown HeraldAunt Johnnie. I2mo. Paper, 50 cents; cloth, $1.00. ** Mrs. Stannard preserves her freshness and vivacity in a wonderful way. 'Aunt Johnnie...
Page 365 - Boston Advertiser. Heavy Odds. By MARCUS CLARKE. " The story is good, running along with thrilling enough interest to keep the reader's attention faithfully unto the end. It is just the book to take with one on a journey or to spend an evening with. We recommend it heartily to the lover of an entertaining story.
Page 366 - This is Mrs. Alexander's best story, and readers of her two previous novels, * For His Sake' and * Found Wanting,' will at once recognize this as high praise. It is an English story. The plot is good, is skilfully developed ; the dialogue is bright, the situations, many of them, dramatic. On the whole, it is a bright, entertaining novel, and one of the best of the season."— Boston Advertiser.
Page 364 - The Search for Basil Lyndhurst. Wooed and Married. Barbara Heathcote's Trial. Not Like Other Girls. Robert Ord's Atonement. Wee Wifie. Uncle Max. Nellie's Memories. Queenie's Whim. For Lilias. Only the Governess. Bound only in cloth, $1.00.

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