The Ainu of Japan: The Religion, Superstitions, and General History of the Hairy Aborigines of Japan (Google eBook)

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Religious Tract Society, 1892 - Ainu - 336 pages
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it's kept down true story how he was.
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this guy wrote that " bear cub get killed after it's grown up..." give me a break. He couldn't even wake up in morning when elders got bear's meat he thought We killed littled bear! For God christ sake who believe this drunk guy's writings. i 'll give about "okey" levels of some word understanding over what he learned while he visited. but what he writing about our tribe are just craps. Good luck believeing this drunk fellow.

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Page 20 - the face of the earth, having determined their appointed seasons, and the bounds of their habitation.' The average height of true Ainu men—that is, those
Page 90 - Bird, correct as she generally is, was led astray on this point. Writing on this subject, she says : ' Household gods form an essential part of the furnishing of every house. In this one, at the left of the entrance, there are ten white wands, with shavings depending from the upper end, stuck in the wall; another
Page 288 - to (Chitose lake). This monster had swallowed a large deer, horns and all; but the horns caused a severe attack of indigestion to come on, which the fish could not get over ; nay, the horns were so long that they protruded from its stomach and caused its death. CHAPTER XX CAUSES OF
Page 287 - And, the gods descending, they seized the great trout with their hands [claws]. ' Upon this it plunged mightily, and went to the bottom of the lake with great force. ' Then the gods put forth all their power, and, drawing the great trout to the surface of the water, brought it ashore.
Page 286 - there is a large lake. In this lake there was a monster trout, which was so big that it used to flap its [pectoral] fins at one end and wave its tail at the other. ' Then the honourable ancestors met and went to kill this fish, but found themselves
Page 135 - 8. Now, when we look at the matter, we find that there was a famine in Ainu-land. 4. And we see that a large sea-lion was cast upon the shores of the mouth of the Saru river. 5. Thus the Ainu were able to eat, ie obtained food. 6. For this reason inao and
Page 310 - It has been suggested that they have a resemblance to old Chinese. A second suggestion was that they were drawings to indicate the insignia of rank carried by priests. A third idea was that they were phallic. A fourth, that they were rough representations of men and animals, the runic m being a bird;
Page 251 - be countermanded, or at least suffered to lapse. ' For,' say the Ainu, ' we could not go contrary to the customs of our ancestors without bringing down upon us the wrath of the gods.
Page 242 - exercises; but our wise and honoured ancestors forbade them to do so, because it was thought they might use their prayers against the men, and more particularly against their husbands. We therefore think with our ancestors that it is wiser to keep
Page 136 - of the Saru river. Saru, it should be remembered, is regarded by the Ainu of the south of Yezo as the chief district in this island ; and the Shishiri-muka is the largest river in Saru. Verses six and seven are intended to show that libations of wine and the offering of inao

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