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Gilder provides an honest juxtaposition of the Muslim world - uniformly inspired by Nazi ideology and medieval interpretations of the Quran - with Israel, a bastion of democracy; racial, ethnic, religious and gender equality; and intellectual openness and honesty. Gilder demonstrates that Israel's virtues are responsible for it overcoming all odds and becoming a technological powerhouse and economic miracle in the midst of a desert with limited natural resources and surrounded by hostile regimes. Gilder sets the line in the sand where individuals must stand who support the thoroughly modern and egalitarian values that Israel has defended at great expense and proves that western leaders who seek to impose 'land for peace' on Israel are guilty of naivete for failing to recognize that Israel's enemies pose as much threat to Jewish survival in the Middle East as to western values around the world.  

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A very engaging quick read. The book details the Israel of Today and how it got there... What an enterprise!
A definite 5 star must read recomendation.

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