Annual Register, Volume 21 (Google eBook)

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Edmund Burke
1778 - History
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Page 159 - A Note of my Bathe Business about the Parliament. ' Saturday, Dec. 26, 1646. 'Went to Bathe and dined with the Maior and Citizens; conferred about my election to serve in parliament, as my father was helpless and ill able to go any more ; went to the George Inn at night, met the Bailiffs, and desired to be dismissed from .serving ; drank strong beer and metheglin ; expended about iijv.
Page 334 - In order to fix more precisely the sense and application of the preceding article, the contracting parties declare, that in case of a rupture between France and England, the reciprocal guarantee declared in the said article, shall have its full force and effect the moment such war shall break out...
Page 322 - An act to prohibit all trade and intercourse with the colonies of New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pensylvania, the three lower counties on Delaware, Maryland...
Page 280 - ¡rinds, tenements, hereditaments, penfions, offices, and perfonal eftates, in that part of Great - Britain, called England, Wales, and the town of Berwick upon Tweed ; and that a proportionable cefs, according to the ninth article of the treaty of union, be laid upon that part of Great-Britain called Scotland, 1,500,000!.
Page 73 - ... to him with a letter, wherein he informed him that it was not in his power to assist him, and therefore gave him orders to surrender up the fort on the best terms he could procure. This packet fell into the hands of the French general, who immediately sent a flag of truce, desiring a conference with the governor.
Page 183 - Majefty, the royal afient was given to the following bills, viz. The bill to raife a certain fum by loans on exchequer bills for the fervice of 1778.
Page 279 - To replace to the finking fund, the like fum paid out of the fame...
Page 319 - Oswald in the execution of this our Commission, and of the powers and authorities herein contained, Provided always, and We do hereby...
Page 135 - Americans would have submitted to his laws, and they resisted them. He thought they would have submitted to his armies, and they were beaten by inferior numbers. He made conciliatory propositions, and he thought they would succeed, but they were rejected. He appointed commissioners to make peace, and he thought they had powers ; but he found they could not make peace, and nobody believed they had any powers.

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