The poetical works of Edmund Spenser, Volume 5 (Google eBook)

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Pickering, 1839
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Page 81 - To fret thy soule with crosses and with cares ; To eate thy heart through comfortlesse dispaires ; To fawne, to crowche, to waite, to ride, to ronne, To spend, to give, to want, to be undonne.
Page 98 - The little Dazie, that at evening closes, The virgin Lillie, and the Primrose trew, With store of vermeil Roses, To decke their Bridegromes posies Against the Brydale day, which was not long: Sweete Themmes!
Page 15 - So every spirit, as it is most pure, And hath in it the more of heavenly light, So it the fairer body doth procure To habit in, and it more fairly dight, With cheerful grace and amiable sight. For, of the soul, the body form doth take, For soul is form, and doth the body make.
Page 110 - With Barnaby the bright, From whence declining daily by degrees, He somewhat loseth of his heat and light, When once the Crab behind his back he sees.
Page 107 - Hymen, they do shout ; That even to the heavens theyr shouting shrill Doth reach, and all the firmament doth fill ; To which the people standing all about, As in approvance, doe thereto applaud, And loud advaunce her laud ; And evermore they Hymen, Hymen sing, That al the woods them answer, and theyr eccho ring.
Page 155 - MOST glorious Lord of lyfe ! that, on this day, Didst make thy triumph over death and sin ; And, having harrowd hell, didst bring away Captivity thence captive, us to win...
Page 113 - O! fayrest goddesse, do thou not envy My love with me to spy: For thou likewise didst love...
Page 114 - Doe burne, that to us wretched earthly clods In dreadful darknesse lend desired light; And all ye powers which in the same...
Page 128 - Indias of their treasure spoile ; What needeth you to seeke so farre in vaine ? For loe, my Love doth in her selfe containe All this worlds riches that may farre be found : If Saphyres, loe, her eies be Saphyres plaine ; If Rubies, loe, hir lips be Rubies sound ; If Pearles, hir teeth be Pearles, both pure and round ; If...
Page 100 - So ended she ; and all the rest around To her redoubled that her undersong...

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