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Mississippi Valley Historical Association, 1920 - Electronic journals
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Page 537 - not be waged in the spirit of conquest or subjugation, nor for the purpose of overthrowing or interfering with the rights or institutions of the states; but to defend and maintain the supremacy of the Constitution, and to preserve the Union with all the dignity, equality, and rights of the several states unimpaired"; but
Page 52 - soldiers. Until our white population shall prove insufficient for the armies we require and can afford to keep in the field, to employ as a soldier, the negro, . . . would scarcely be deemed wise or advantageous by any and this is the question now before us. But should the alternative ever be presented of subjugation or of the employment of the
Page 465 - act in addition to the act for the punishment of certain crimes against the United States
Page 57 - I think ... we must decide whether slavery shall be extinguished by our enemies and the slaves used against us, or use them ourselves at the risk of the effects which may be produced upon our social institutions
Page 63 - you cannot make soldiers of slaves or slaves of soldiers. . . . The day you make soldiers of them is the beginning of the revolution. If slaves will make good soldiers, our whole theory of slavery is wrong.
Page 465 - 1792, conferred on the marshals and their deputies, the same power in executing the laws of the United States, as sheriffs and their deputies in the several states have by law in executing the laws of their respective states. They have rendered it lawful for the President, in case of invasion to call forth the militia, or to issue his orders for that purpose to such
Page 285 - No great movement can be traced to their initiation, no great leader to birth within their borders, and no great work of art, literature or scholarship to those who belonged to this unpretending company. The Pilgrim Fathers stand rather as an emblem of virtue than a moulding force in the life of the nation.
Page 140 - following her lord where he might lead, her face hidden in the same ragged sunbonnet which had crossed the Appalachians and the Missouri long before. That was America, my brethren! There was the seed of America's wealth. There was the great romance of all America the woman in the sunbonnet; and not, after all, the hero with the rifle across his saddle horn.
Page 505 - North American citizens. We have orally explained to your excellency that some years since, the government of the republic granted to a private contractor a privilege, with reference to this object, which was soon transferred, with the sanction of the same government, to English subjects, of whose rights Mexico cannot dispose.
Page 109 - lick-a-ty-split, ' each man forming in behind his favorite, so that every candidate flourished a sort of tail of his own and the man with the longest tail was elected. These proceedings were continued until a captain and a council of

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