The Macleans Of Torloisk.

The sixth branch of the family of Duard is that of Torloisk. The family seat is located on the Mull side of Loch Tua, and is known as Torloisk House. This branch is descended from

I. Lachlan Og, First MacLean of Torloisk,

Second son of Sir Lachlan M6r. He received from his father a charter of the lands of Lehire-Torloisk, forfeited by the son of Ailean nan Sop, which was afterward confirmed by royal grant. He was present at the battle of Gruinnart, and was severely wounded. He was a witness to a charter given by his father to Martin MacGillivray of Pennyghael, and subscribed himself in the Irish characters, 31ise Lachin Mhac Gilleoin. He was an important man in his day, and was so influential that he was compelled to make his appearance before the privy council. He was first married to Marian, daughter of Sir Duncan Campbell of Achnabreck, by whom he had Hector, who succeeded him. He was again married to Margaret, daughter of captain Stewart of Dumbarton, but had no issue. He was a third time married to Marian, daughter of Donald MacDonald of Clanranald, and had issue, Hector, Lachlan Og, Lachlan Catanach, Ewen, John Diuriach, Allan, Neil, Jannet, Mary, Catherine, Julian, and Isabella. Lachlan Og died unmarried, but left a natural son called Donald; Lachlan Catanach and Ewen were killed at Inverkeithing: Allan died unmarried at Harris; John Diuriach married Jannet, daughter of John MacLean, laird of Ardgour, by whom he had Allan and several daughters; Neil married a daughter of Lochbuie, by whom he had a daughter and Lachlan, who died a lieutenant-colonel in the British service; Jannet married Hector, first MacLean of Kinlochaline; Mary married John Garbh, eldest son of John Dubh of Morvern; Catherine married John, brother to MacNeil of Barra; Julian married Allan MacLean, brother of Lochbuie; and Isabel married Martin MacGillivray of Pennyghael. Lachlan Og lived to an advanced age, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. Hector, second MacLean of Torloisk,

Who was first married to Jannet, daughter of Allan MacLean of Ardtornish, by whom he had three daughters: Margaret, married to Lachlan MacLean of Lochbuie; Marian, married to Hector MacLean of Coll; and Mary, married to Duncan Campbell of Sandaig. He was a second time married to Catherine, daughter of John Campbell of Lochnell, and had issue: Lachlan, who succeeded him; Hector, who was killed by the MacLachlans, a band of robbers of Fiairt, in Lesmore, who infested the neighborhood; John of Tarbert (was married to Catherine, daughter of Donald Campbell of Comguish, by whom he had Donald, John, and Marianne, married to Charles MacLean of Kilunaig); Isabella, married to Lachlan MacLean of Brolass; and Jannet, married to the second Hector MacLean of Kinlochaline.

III. Lachlan, Third MacLean of Torloisk,

Was reputed one of the most gallant and accomplished gentlemen of his time, and well qualified for the highest station in the gift of his country. He did not aspire to state intrigue, but contented himself in looking after affairs of interest to his clan. He managed, in conjunction with Brolass, the estate of MacLean during the minority of Sir John, and was of great service in retrieving the embarrassed affairs of the chief. He married Barbara, daughter of Alexander, brother of Sir James MacDonald of Sleat, and had issue, two sons and one daughter: Hector, who died at the age of eighteen; Alexander, who succeeded to the estate; and Jannet, married to Archibald Campbell of Inverawe. It was in 1685 that Lachlan besieged, captured, and destroyed the castle of Carnassary, and, as is shown by the petition of Duncan Campbell,* he died prior to 1690.

IV. Alexander, Fourth MacLean of Torloisk,

Was captain in the Second battalion of the Scots Guards, and served in the Spanish wars. At the age of twenty-five, he had his leg broken at the battle of Brihuega, in Spain, in 1710, by a musket ball, of which he fevered and died. Dying without issue, he was succeeded by his cousin-german,

V. Donald, Fifth MacLean of Torloisk,

Who was a son of John of Tarbert, third son of Hector, second MacLean of Torloisk. Donald was noted for the urbanity of his manners and the kindness of his disposition. At the battle of Sheriffmuir, he was major of Sir John MacLeans regiment, and was commended for his prudent and gallant conduct on that occasion. He married Mary, daughter of Archibald Campbell of Sunderland, and had issue: Hector, Lachlan, Allan, Archibald, Mary, Anna, Alicia, Christiana, Betty, and Elizabeth. Allan, the third son, became a general; Archibald resided at Laggan, and never married; Mary and Betty died unmarried ; Anna married Donald MacLean, a cadet of the house of Torloisk;

* Statistical Account of Argyleshire, p. 556.

Alicia married Lachlan MacQuarrie of Ulva; Christiana married Rev. Alexander MacLean, minister of Kilninan, Mull; Elizabeth first married Lachlan MacLean of Garmony, of the family of Lochbuie, and secondly, to James Park of Jamaica. Donald died August 20, 1748, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

VI. Hector, Sixth MacLean of Torloisk,

Who was bred to the law. He never married. On his death, which happened at Glasgow, May 29, 1765, he was succeeded by his immediate younger brother,

VII. Lachlan, Seventh MacLean of Torloisk,

And the last, in the male line. For many years he was captain of a merchantman (Mary), which plied between London and Jamaica. In the course of a voyage to Jamaica, and within a day's sail of the harbor, he fell in with a frigate. The French fleet being in the West Indies, he (Torloisk) thought she was one of that number, and having one gun of large caliber, he fired at her. The frigate was commanded by Sir George Clark, and being at night, he thought the merchantman was a line of battle ship, from the size of the ball that struck his ship. Both the officers met at dinner in Kingston, and when Sir George was congratulating himself in having escaped the line of battle ship, and probably the heavy guns, Torloisk asked him some particulars, which led them to realize they were the combatants. Clark then said: "Take this box; you may forget me, but I will never forget you, nor the Mary and your solitary twenty-four pounder." Lachlan married Margaret, daughter of Richard Smith, by whom he had only one daughter, Marianne, who became proprietress of the estate at his death, in 1799.

Marianne married general Douglas Clephane of Carslogie, Fifeshire, and had issue three daughters, Margaret, Anna Jane, and Wilmina Marianne. The last named, in 1831, married Wilhelm Baron de Norman, then in the diplomatic service of Prussia. Margaret, in 1815, married Spencer Joshua Alcoyne, the second marquis of Northampton. - The estate passed into the Northampton family, by whom it is still held.

The cadets of the Torloisk family are very few. Donald, natural son of Lachlan Og, second son to the first MacLean of Torloisk, married a daughter of Martin MacGillivray, and had issue, Allan, Lachlan, and John. Allan was a captain in Sir John MacLean's regiment at Sheriffmuir. He married and had a son, Donald, who married Ann, daughter of Donald MacLean of Torloisk, by whom he had two sons: George, who died in the East Indies; and Hector of Mingarry, married to Helen, daughter of Donald Campbell. John, third son, was a lieutenant in the Darien expedition, and afterward in general Murray's regiment in the Dutch service, and died in Flanders.


The seventh branch of the Duard family is descended from John, youngest son of Hector M6r of Duard, son of Sir Lachlan Mar. John was knighted, and employed by Charles the First on an embassy to Sweden. Before his return the civil war broke out. On his return he was forced to change his name from MacLean to Macleir, and also to leave his country, on account of his loyalty to the Stuart dynasty. He returned to Sweden in the diplomatic service of Charles, and finally settled in Gottenburg, where he married Anna Quickelberry, by whom he had she sons and three daughters. His eldest son, Charles, died young; the second, Jacob, was in the service of king Charles in England; the third, John, was president of Gottenburg, and married Anna Margaret Gordon; the fourth, Peter, was colonel and commandant in Stralsund, married to Abolla Sophia Vanplassen; the fifth, Gustavus, was colonel in the Swedish army and commandant in Gottenburg; the sixth, David, a general in the army and governor of west Gothland, married to the countess of Arenberg. Sir John's daughters were Maria, married to General David Duncan, in the service of the king of Denmark; Catherine, married, first, Colonel David Sinclair, and secondly, General Malcolm Hamilton; and Eliza, married to major Cailenkerheilm. General David left five sons and two daughters, of whom John Aldolphus Count MacLean was general in the army and colonel of the king's life guards. He died about the beginning of the present century, in Stockholm, leaving a numerous family.

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