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Page 9 - The number of Texas Anglos to be seen here is scant, but perhaps, understandably so. These fellow Texans of ours are out of place here; out of their element, so to speak. So to speak. The Belken County Texas Mexicans, on the other hand, are in the majority, but this doesn't mean they ignore the other population; they can ill afford to do so. For their part, the mexicanos are usually ignored, although not always, true, and not forever either. (After all, what physical pain...
Page 9 - Caveat: one shouldn't expect to find legendary heroes here; our taxpayers go to the toilet on a regular basis, sneeze on cue and blow their noses too, as the limerick says. Some raise families, and most of them know Death well enough, but (innocents that they are) they don't pretend to know what it is that usually happens to them after death.
Page 9 - Well now, some of the taxpayers to be seen in Klail City have appeared on other occasions and at other times; in times past, some have scarcely been mentioned at all, and then, of course, there are those who are coming out for the first time; making their debut, as it were.
Page 7 - It's always been that way; nothing new. Now, this writer doesn't live in a cave, by the by. And so, he has also heard of people who claim to have been born again. This writer finds that hard to take, let alone swallow.

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