The Passionate Pilgrim: Being a Reproduction in Facsimile of the First Edition, 1599, from the Copy in the Christie Miller Library of Britwell (Google eBook)

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Clarendon Press, 1905 - English poetry - 60 pages
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Page 18 - I have sithence endevoured by all good meanes, (for the better encrease and accomplishment of your delights,) to get into my handes such smale poemes of the same Authors as I heard were disperst abroad in sundrie hands, and not easie to bee come by by himselfe ; some of them having bene diverslie imbeziled and purloyned from him, since his departure over sea.
Page 12 - THE | PASSIONATE | PILGRIME. | By W. Shakespeare. \ AT LONDON. | Printed for W. Jaggard, and are | to be sold by W. Leake, at the Grey-|hound in Paules Churchyard. | 1599.
Page 50 - A Collection of Poems, in Two Volumes ; Being all the Miscellanies of Mr. William Shakespeare, which were Publish'd by himself in the Year 1609.
Page 47 - I might steale them from him, and hee, to doe himselfe right, hath since published them in his owne name : but, as I must acknowledge my lines not worthy his patronage under whom he hath publisht them, so the author, I know, much offended with M. Jaggard (that altogether unknowne to him), presumed to make so bold with his name.
Page 47 - Here, likewise, I must necessarily insert a manifest injury done me in that worke, by taking the two epistles of Paris to Helen, and Helen to Paris...
Page 36 - Come live with me, and be my love. And we will some new pleasures prove Of golden sands, and crystal brooks, With silken lines, and silver hooks.
Page 23 - Thus vainely thinking that she thinkes me young, Although she knowes my dayes are past the best, Simply I credit her false speaking tongue, On both sides thus is simple truth supprest: But wherefore sayes she not she is unjust? And wherefore say not I that I am old? O loves best habit is in seeming trust, And age in love, loves not t'have yeares told.
Page 38 - Her voice was good, and the ditty fitted for it ; 'twas that smooth song, which was made by Kit Marlowe, now at least fifty years ago : and the Milkmaid's mother sung an answer to it, which was made by Sir Walter Raleigh in his younger days.
Page 16 - Gentlemen, there hath beene of late printed in London by one Richarde loanes, a printer, a booke of english verses, entituled Bretons bower of delights : I protest it was donne altogether without my consent or knowledge, and many thinges of other mens mingled with...
Page 57 - The Mirror of Martyrs, or the Life and Death of that thrice valiant Capitaine and most godly Martyre Sir John Oldcastle Knight, Lord Cobham,

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