Patrologia syriaca, Volume 1, Part 2 (Google eBook)

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Firmin-Didot et socii, 1907 - Christian literature, Early
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Page 1314 - ... recensions. These various coincidences are not however sufficient to fix the age or country of the Testament of Adam. If it is the book meant by Epiphanius, it cannot be later than the 4th century, and nothing decisive can be urged against this date, though it is impossible to speak with confidence. The Testament, as it stands, is shor.t and unpretending : yet a lofty spirit pervades a great part of it. The leading idea of the Hours is the community of all created things in the adoration of their...
Page 1118 - Et revelabitur Behemoth ex loco suo et Leviathan ascendet de mari, duo cete magna, quae creavi die quinto creationis" et reservavi ea usque ad illud tempus; et tune erunt in escam omnibus, qui residui fuerintb.
Page 1118 - etiam terra dabit fructus suos unum in decem millia, et in vite una erunt mille palmites, et unus palmes faciet mille botros, et botrus unus faciet mille acinos, et unus acinus faciet corum vini«.
Page 37 - Sit autem sermo vester: Est, est; non, non; quod autem his abundantius est, a malo est.
Page 1121 - Et erit post haec, cum implebitur tempus adventus Messiae et redibit in gloria, tune omnes, qui dormierunt in spe eius, resurgent.
Page 37 - Christus est*. 0 tu qui iuras per caput tuum et mentiris ! Si tibi vera sunt tria nomina illa Ínclita et laudanda Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus sancti, super caput tuum commemorata, quando vitae tuae signum accepisti; si verum tibi est baptisma, ne per caput tuum iuraveris, et scito potestatem tibi non esse per caput tuum iurandi.
Page 494 - Marco Antonio de fato tradidit, et multa alia super persecutione volumina , quae sectatores ejus de syra lingua verterunt in grsecam.
Page 1176 - He showed to him the measures of the fire, also the depths of the abyss and the weight of the winds and the number of the drops of rain. 6. And the suppression of anger, and the multitude of longsuffering, and the truth of judgement.
Page 1318 - Geschopf . . . siehe, mein Sohn ist zu dir herabgekommen und hat alle diese Leiden, bis dass er dir deine Siinden vergebe, erduldet. Maria ist es, bei der mein Sohn eingekehrt ist.
Page 1394 - F. NAU Une ancienne traduction latine du Bélinous arabe (Apollonius de Tyane) faite par Hugo Sanctelliensis et conservée dans un ms. du xii

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