Miller's Modern Acting Drama, Consisting of the Most Popular Pieces Produced at the London Theatres, Subject to the Provisions of the Dramatic Copyright Act ... (Google eBook)

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J. Miller, 1833 - English drama
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Page 49 - That palter with us in a double sense ; That keep the word of promise to our ear, And break it to our hope.
Page 35 - By the margin of fair Zurich's waters Dwelt a youth, whose fond heart, night and day, For the fairest of fair Zurich's daughters In a dream of love melted away...
Page 26 - Tis all fancy. So suppose now, while they are at their coffee in the next room, we sit down here and pick a bit, and take the liberty of making free with some of my own dear wine. SMITH. Thank you, I'm not hungry. BROWN. But I am ; for I've had nothing to take away my appetite ; and really this pate of yours, Smith (He goes to the table, cuts a bit of the...
Page 16 - There ia butone fault she has hardly spirit enough for me. BOB. Lord, sir, now I think she's over vicious. Why she kicked our Dick in the throat t'other morning. SPLASH. The devil she did ! BOB. She's a good-looking animal, for certain ; but she has got some tricks : a nasty way of throwing out her legs ; but once fairly started, she's a prime 'un. SPLASH. Of whom are you speaking, whelp ? BOB. Why, here she is, sir (pointing to the took] Miss Kitty, your three-year old filly, what's...
Page 28 - Somer. The moments are precious only say that some day you will bless my vows name some time when I may hope ; and till then, give me some slight token of one I can never cease to love promise me this, adorable woman ! Brown. Familiar rascal ! Smith. This is worse than what he said to Mrs. Smith. Somer. What, silent, dearest one! then give me this bracelet, twined around your arm. [Takes bracelet from her arm. Mrs. B. Oh, pray give it me back. [Here BROWN shakes his fist at her.] If my...
Page 30 - ha ! SMITH. It's exceedingly droll. BROWN. And extremely pleasant. SMITH. But I'll be revenged, Brown. BROWN. And so will I; Give me your hand ; we'll have a mutual alliance, and come to a determination to take ample revenge. SMITH. Let us embrace again. (They embrace.) Now my mind's made up. BROWN. I was beginning to despair, but I'm nerved again we'll treat them exactly as they deserve SMITH. The idea of making such a fuss, and talking of cutting our throats, about one's wife's virtue....
Page 20 - And we have only come on that condition. SOM. Willingly, most willingly I was going to the Cityball to-night, but I feel no regret at having abandoned its attractions, since it has procured me the pleasure of passing the evening with you. Will you allow me to offer you a hand ? (takes Mrs. Brown in one hand, and Mrs. Smith in the other, and places them at the table on each sidf.
Page 12 - I'm all right ; and now for opening the door-^ (knocks again). (Enter MR. BROWN at door in flat, which he leaves open.) Oh, it's you, Mr. Brown. BROWN. At last, my cruel Caroline, I behold you. I almost feared you would refuse me admittance. MRS. SOM. What ! Do you think yourself so very dangerous then. BROWN. Not that ; but you can, I hope, make some allowance for the feelings of an anxious lover. MRs.
Page 11 - I have almost ceased to know myself, and my heart will break unless I can relieve it by a personal confession : I, therefore, implore you to grant me an interview. I understand your husband is going to the city ball to-night. About a quarter after eight, you will hear under your window the sound of my flute, and if you will only deign to open it, it will convince me you are not inflexible. I shall bring with me some nice things for a quiet supper, which I have expressly ordered from Birch's, as a...
Page 7 - Pray speak out. MRS. SOM. Oh, bless you, I know nothing at least nothing positive, nothing more than you know about my husband . therefore, my dear good people, suppose we change the subject. What are you both going to do to-night ? MRS. B. Oh, I'm going home, to be sure ! MRS.

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