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Review: The Book Thief

User Review  - Hajarath Prasad Abburu - Goodreads

These are some of the things I felt while reading the book. 1. Don't you think the book is a little two slow and needed a better pair of scissors? 2. Death as a narrator is a bit too unsettling for me ... Read full review

A book to keep within reach in the nearest shelf for re-reading!

User Review  - Ram Sharma - Flipkart

Seldom is a novel so consistently engrossing without being too dramatic and yet ending in a pleasant note... In the end, it is with a blurred sense of reality that we feel that it is indeed a tale ... Read full review

Review: The Book Thief

User Review  - Ashley Elliott - Goodreads

I thought long and hard about whether I liked this book or not. Finally, I decided that I liked it. In fact, I really liked it. I loved the way the author wrote. The way he described certain things ... Read full review

Review: The Book Thief

User Review  - James Smith - Goodreads

Maybe four and a half stars. Not five. I'm now approaching two years without a five-star book. It disappoints me. I suppose I just haven't read enough of the literary fiction that I love, or I've run ... Read full review

The Book Thief

User Review  - Harshit Chauhan - Flipkart

The Book Thief is a fantastic piece of work by Markus Zusak, It is a story of a little girl in Nazi Germany. The page quality is neither too bad. I got it for 199 Rs. I recommend this book. Thankx to Flipkart for the delivery! Read full review

Review: The Book Thief

User Review  - Terezi Pyrope - Goodreads

Based around the lives of the Germans downtrodden to Hitler's rule during the Holocaust, this book is definitely a thinker. We're affronted with a multitude of colorful, unique characters from the ... Read full review

Review: The Book Thief

User Review  - Sara - Goodreads

I am haunted by humans. So concludes Death at the closing of the The Book Thief. The story of a young German girl struggling to survive and find meaning and happiness in a small town while WWII rages ... Read full review

bad packaging

User Review  - piu08 - Flipkart

what will be your feeling if u receive a book with a corner folded? especially form flipkart. i have already watched the movie and im totally thrilled to receive this book. it was a really quick shipment. minus one star for the disappointing packaging. Read full review

Review: The Book Thief

User Review  - Oana Kovacs - Goodreads

Still not sure if the book deserves or not the 5th star, however, I would say it brought me to my knees with the last quarter. A very impressive and emotional story, narrated by an unlikely character. Read full review

Review: The Book Thief

User Review  - Megan - Goodreads

By the time I finally picked up "The Book Thief" there was already a lot of hype and praise, as well as a major motion picture in-the-works. I think it's safe to say that I had very high expectations ... Read full review

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