The record of my ancestry (Google eBook)

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Herald power print, 1899 - 222 pages
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Page 124 - ... of their companies, but Johnson fell dead at the log, and Davenport a little within the fort, and their men were met with so fierce a fire that they were forced to retire again and fall upon their faces to avoid the fury of the musketry till it should somewhat abate. Mosely and Gardiner, pressing to their assistance, met a similar reception, losing heavily, till they too fell back with the others, until Major Appleton coming up with his own and Capt. Oliver's men, massed his entire force as a...
Page 123 - The Fort was raised upon a Kind of Island of five or six acres of rising Land in the midst of a swamp ; the sides of it were made of Palisadoes set upright, the which was compassed about with a Hedg of almost a rod Thickness.
Page 121 - December, just as they took up their march, " that, if they played the man, took the fort, and drove the enemy out of the Narragansett country, which was their great seat, they should have a gratuity in land, besides their wages.
Page 127 - ... details of the march to Wickford very little is known; through a bitter cold winter's night, in a blinding snowstorm, carrying two hundred and ten of their wounded and dead, these soldiers, who had marched from dawn till high noon, had engaged in a desperate life-and-death struggle from noon till sunset, now plodded sturdily back to their quarters of the day before, through deepening snows and over unbroken roads.
Page 90 - ... reported to be an able Proficient, in both Hebrew, Greek, and Latine Languages, an Orthodox Preacher of the truths of Christ, very powerful through his blessing to move the affection ; and besides he having a good inspection into the well-ordering of things for the Students maintenance (whose commons hath been very short hitherto^ by his frugal providence hath continued them longer at their Studies then otherwise they could have done; and verily it's great pity such ripe heads as many of them...
Page 126 - ... Indians that had escaped, and were still in the woods close at hand, were unknown, but supposed to be several thousand, with report of a thousand in reserve about a mile distant. These were now scattered and demoralized, but in a few hours might rally and fall upon the fort, put our troops, in their weakened condition, upon the defensive, and make their 'retreat from the swamp extremely difficult if not utterly impossible, encumbered as they would be by the wounded, whose swollen and stiffened...
Page 194 - A manor may contain one or more villages or hamlets, or only part of a village. It may be compounded of divers things, as of a house, arable land, pasture, meadow, woods, rent, advowson and such like. It is a noble sort of fee, part granted to tenants and part reserved to the lord and his family. The whole fee was termed a lordship ; of old a barony, from whence the court that is always an appendant to the manor is called the court^baron, which had jurisdiction over the misdemeanors and disputes...
Page 7 - I bequeath to my son Thomas Brownes his children twenty pounds, equally to be deuided betweene them & the sixteene pounds which he hath alredy of mine in his hands is to be pt of this twenty pounds I giue to his children. I bequeath to my two daughters, Susana Hauen & Mary Browne each of them a pr of sheetes & each of them two pillowbeers. Alsoe I constitut & make my lawfull & sole executor & to pform this my last will & testament, my son Thomas Newhall.
Page 12 - Executors," and is recorded in Suffolk county; but no record of the will appears and neither will nor inventory has been found in the files. The record of the latter shows that he was possessed of nearly .700. Of furniture he had, inter alia, a long table and two forms, a cupboard, cupboard cloth and cushion and glass case, a table, six joined stools with a carpet and a joined chair and cushion. There were found five guns, for fowling and training, at four pounds, two swords at twenty shillings...
Page 7 - John shall haue lyeth in the last deuission in Rumney marsh, but if my son John should have noe child before he dieth then the six Acres I giue to my son John, to returne to my son Thomas & his heires foreuer but if my son John should have a child or children, then the six acres to be at his owne dispose forever.

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