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This book suffers from so many obvious factual and proofreading errors, that it makes me wonder what errors it contains that aren't so obvious.
For example, it states that the 1989 Loma Prieta
Earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area interrupted the start of the World Series at the Oakland Stadium, when in fact it interrupted the start of Game 3 of the series, which was being held at Candlestick Park near San Francisco. On the "proofreading" front, EVERY instance in the book of the word "FEMA" is preceded by a comma (i.e., it reads "<whatever>, FEMA" rather than "<whatever> FEMA"), regardless of whether that is an appropriate place for a comma or not.
As I said, while these errors are not especially important in and of themselves, they make me wonder what other errors there are in the book.
It's also clear from reading this book that, while the authors may have extensive policy and political experience, they have relatively little "feet on the ground" practical experience.

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