Morgan and His Captors (Google eBook)

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C.F. Vent & Co., 1865 - Morgan's Ohio Raid, 1863 - 379 pages
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Page 36 - In all I have done in the premises, I have acted upon the urgent solicitation of many Kentuckians, and in accordance with what I believed, and still believe, to be the wish of a majority of all the Union-loving people of Kentucky. While I have conversed on...
Page 55 - Strike, till the last armed foe expires, Strike, for your altars and your fires, Strike, for the green graves of your sires, God, and your native land.
Page 205 - Went to Bardstown, and found a Federal regiment had just arrived there, looking for him. Remained here and about for three or four days, and then struck out for Dixie ; sometimes disguising himself as a Government cattle-contractor, and buying a large lot of cattle ; at other times a Quartermaster, until he got to the Tennessee River. Here he found all means of transportation destroyed, and the bank strongly guarded; but with...
Page 130 - Their doomsday-book from all-consuming heirs ; Thus, with indulgence most severe, she treats Us spendthrifts of inestimable time ; Unnoted, notes each moment misapplied ; In leaves more durable than leaves of brass, Writes our whole history...
Page 203 - What in the d 1 is the use of my going into town when I live here ? and, besides, what business is it of yours ? ' " They went immediately to the river. They found a skiff, but no oars. Soon a little boy came over, and appeared to be waiting. ' What are you waiting for ? ' said the General.
Page 203 - They went to the rear, and put on the brakes. ' Jump, Hines ! ' Off he went, and fell heels over head in the mud. Another severe turn of the brakes, and the General jumped.
Page 379 - ... his vote for this unwise and ill-timed measure, as I honestly think and believe, shall be held to strict account for this suicidal act by the present generation, and probably cursed...
Page 207 - Thank God for that, for we ain't seen any rale coffee up here for God knows how long ! " She was so delighted at the prospect that she made up a fire and cooked them a good supper. Supper being over, the General remarked that he understood some rebels had " tried to cross the river this afternoon.
Page 202 - He did so, and the party soon became very agreeable to each other. The cars, in crossing the Scioto, have to pass within a short distance of the penitentiary. As they passed, the officer remarked, ' There's the hotel at which Morgan and his officers are spending their leisure.'
Page 380 - Leaving out of view, for the present, the countless millions of dollars you must expend in a war with the North; with tens of thousands of your sons and brothers slain in battle, and offered up as sacrifices upon the altar of your ambition and for what?

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