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This is a great book about Psychopathy and its' influences on society. Doctor Hare explains the subject understandably. Even though the book itself is a decade old, it still has valuable information how to recognize and beware psychopaths. Of course only a professional should make the diagnosis about someone with symptoms from the checklist. But at least we now have a tool to protect ourselves and try to avoid the people who fit to description. I found this book very useful and recommend it. 

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This is one book I could not put down. Recommended by a parole officer, after 5 pages I needed to grab my highlighter pen. This is one book every woman needs to read. It would save a great deal of pain in her lifetime. I have chosen to work in the field of family violence and although all of the workers have read this book as part of their internships, few have used it as part of their followup with the client. Thank you Dr. Hare. Your brilliance in this science is only heightened by your dogged determination to show that not ALL psychopaths are behind bars and most are living right near each of us. 

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