Blood on the Doorposts (Google eBook)

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Chick Publications, 2011 - Religion - 352 pages
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Salvation in Christ should bring liberty to God's people. Yet many suffer needlessly because they don't understand what the Bible teaches about how to achieve victorious living. In this advanced course in spiritual warfare, you will learn how to help others rise above:
  • Bad relationships†
  • Anger and resentment†
  • Fear†
  • Unforgiveness†
  • Guilt†
  • Depression†
  • Cults†
  • Drug abuse†
  • Occult and witchcraft connections†
Bill and Sharon Schnoebelen have counseled hundreds of Christians towards victory -- Christians who, despite the best intentions of clergy and friends, were unable to obtain the liberty they so desperately needed. Pastors, couples, singles and teens have found the liberating power of Jesus Christ after years of heartache and misery . . . and you can too!

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Well, a note about the logic here. According to this guy, if someone else's exorcisms fail, it is because they're an 'idiot in a black robe sloshing salt water on people.' But if HIS fail, it is the victim's fault, because if he fails to cast out a demon (and to his credit he admits that has happened to him), it must be because the victim WANTS to be possessed.
While I am very happy he and his wife are no longer involved in satanism, I do question many of his theological points. Especially in his criticisms of Catholicism, it should be remembered that he himself had a very bad experience with Catholicism, met a heretical professor at a Catholic college who got him involved in the occult, and then went on to be (as part of his occult training) ordained in an OLD Catholic church and then ordained as a bishop in a gnostic church (which has succession from the Catholics). The trouble is, if you have seen his book detailing this experience, he doesn't do much to distinguish between these three completely separate organizations.
He also speaks as if Baptists and Lutherans can get along. I do not know if he is merely ignorant of the theological divide there or what, but Lutherans are, according to proper Baptist teaching, going straight to hell. This is because Lutherans teach that baptism is a Sacrament with soteriological power, and according to Baptists no one who believes that can 'be saved.' I mention this because one really needs to be careful when reading this guy's works to remember that he isn't necessarily too clear about the real beliefs of various denominations.
In addition, his exorcism experiences should not be used to argue for his theology. People from many different Christian denominations have performed exorcisms in the past century, including Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox and even Coptic Orthodox (for the Eastern Orthodox there is a wonderful little book on the life of Papa-Dimitri which includes his discussions of not merely exorcising demons but of other encounters with them). Shamans in Africa appear to successfully exorcise demons ( The fact is that one cannot use this as an argument for the doctrines put forward by 'Chick publications.'

Review: Blood on the Doorposts: An Advanced Course in Spiritual Warfare

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Heavy and freeing. And must read for anyone coming out of the Occultist's ways of life. Read full review

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The Sweetest Screams
If You Dont Leave Ill Call the Police
On the Couch with Dr Frankenstein
Learning to Loose the Bonds
My name is Legion for we are many
Stabs in the Darkness
The Sleep of the Serpent
The Curse of Molech
Putting Teeth Back into Your Church
Cursed Be the Tie That Binds
Entering the Liberation Process
Nuking Satans Strongholds
Churchwide Issues
Possible Demonic AccessPoints
Procedures for Renouncing Strongmen from Various Cults

Meditations before the Battle
The Case of the Needle in the Haystack
Spiritual Hygiene
The Christians Manual of Arms
Is Some of Your Armour Missing?
Drugs and Doorways
As One Having Authority
The Taxonomy of Evil A Biblical Diagnosis of Demonic Oppression
A Slander on the Word of God

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