The works of Beaumont & Fletcher: the text formed from a new collation of the early editions (Google eBook)

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E. Moxon, 1843
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Page 327 - Are her delight ; and when she sees a bank Stuck full of flowers, she with a sigh will tell Her servants what a pretty place it were To bury lovers in ; and make her maids Pluck 'em, and strew her over like a corse.
Page cviii - But directed by the example of some, who once steered in our quality, and so fortunately aspired to choose your Honour, joined with your (now glorified) brother, patrons to the flowing compositions of the then expired sweet Swan of Avon Shakespeare...
Page 368 - I swore indeed that I would never love A man of lower place ; but, if your fortune Should throw you from this height, I bade you trust I would forsake you, and would bend to him That won your throne : I love with my ambition, Not with my eyes.
Page 347 - twixt your love and you ! but, if there do, Inquire of me, and I will guide your moan ; Teach you an artificial way to grieve, To keep your sorrow waking. Love your lord No worse than I : but, if you love so well, Alas, you may displease him ! so did I. This is the last time you shall look on me. — Ladies, farewell. As soon as I am dead, Come all and watch one night about my...
Page 228 - Of which he borrowed some to quench his thirst, And paid the nymph again as much in tears. A garland lay him by, made by himself Of many several flowers bred in the...
Page 420 - Amin. There is presage of some important thing About thee, which it seems thy tongue hath lost. Thy hands are bloody, and thou hast a knife ! Evad.
Page 274 - There is some treason. You, Galatea, rode with her into the wood; Why left you her? GAL. She did command me. KING. Command ! you should not. GAL.
Page 263 - To this poor kingdom : give it to your joy ; For I have no joy in it. Some far place, Where never womankind durst set her foot For bursting...
Page 211 - Oh, sir, the multitude, that seldom know any thing but their own opinions, speak that they would have ; but the prince, before his own approach, received so many confident messages from the state, that I...
Page 236 - Do ladies of this country use to give No more respect to men of my full being ! Gal. Full being ! I understand you not, unless your grace means growing to fatness ; and then your only remedy (upon my knowledge, prince) is, in a morning, a cup of neat white wine brewed with carduus...

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