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Dawkins writes a book that comes across as intellectual and logical, backed by the facts of science and reason.
Anyone with an elementary understanding of the topics he touches on can see that he
is mistaken on almost every count.
Read John Lennox book 'Gunning For God', a book which partially responds to this and explains how very wrong it is on so many levels.

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Evolution is a man made "religion" with more problems than any other belief system I can think of. People have forgotten how to qualify individuals. When you look at Dawkins' mean and hateful character during interviews, you begin to see and realize that he's fanatical; "mad" about his belief system - religion (evolution). When you look at the lack of scientific methods and standards in his so-called research (lol) you discover that there is no basis for the claims he's making. Scientists who think for themselves already know that evolution is a pipe dream. Dawkin's belief system is falling apart and he's kicking and screaming all the way to the truth.
"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, [even] his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:"
Romans 1:20
The above verse basically means that everyone knows God exists. Everyone just deals with God differently. Those who reject or rebel suffer dire consequences. Those who simply accept Him, have eternal life.
For those who think hell is just a bad place.. Think again. Hollywood cannot produce the horror and suffering that goes on there. If you died tonight, where will you go?
Mr. Dawkins, it's never too late. You can still make the right choice and turn things around. You can still come back.. It's not too late to change your mind.. and you know what I'm talking about..
Secure your eternal future today and have peace of mind, heart & soul:

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Wow so my take on this is, we have a man who once believed in God, and most likely suffered a life experience in which he felt God let him down. Or he was a lot more weak minded than his big words let on and chose to follow a belief with absolutely no facts evolution is based on theory, God is based on actual known human beings, the bible and supported proof. This book should be called "Dawkins the Wannabe Darwin" or "The Dawkins delusion". Waste of time, printing paper and ink, get a new focus Duckwing or your always gonna be just another quack.  

Review: The God Delusion

User Review  - Saige - Goodreads

As a Christian, I enjoy occasionally reading something that will challenge my beliefs and thought process. I was expecting The God Delusion to do that, in addition to giving me a viewpoint on the ... Read full review

Review: The God Delusion

User Review  - Andrew Anony - Goodreads

I wasn't a big fan of this book. I enjoyed listening to a few of his appearances on tv shows and whatnot - that I found on Youtube. I found a lot of this to be pretty pedestrian and very wide in its ... Read full review

Review: The God Delusion

User Review  - Brianna - Goodreads

Richard Dawkins is a pretentious, conceited supremacist. He uses his superfluous, flowery vocabulary to deceive others into thinking that he is more intelligent and his opinions more validated. Using ... Read full review

Review: The God Delusion

User Review  - Rick - Goodreads

For the sake of fair disclosure, I should state that I am a theist, specifically a Christian theist. I did not approach The God Delusion with the intent or desire to be persuaded. In fact, I would not ... Read full review

Review: The God Delusion

User Review  - C. - Goodreads

I've seen other religiously-minded/open-minded people review this, and mine falls in the same category (though it will be much less articulate I'm sure) I started reading this book with a completely ... Read full review

Review: The God Delusion

User Review  - Jeni Enjaian - Goodreads

Disclaimer: I wholeheartedly disagree with Mr. Dawkins on almost every single one of his assumptions/assertions. This review is of the book itself and its supposed persuasive purpose. This book has an ... Read full review

Review: The God Delusion

User Review  - Erica - Goodreads

I've been meaning to read this book for at least a year now, and now that I'm in college and surrounded by Dawkins' followers, I decided that it was time. I'm barely 50 pages in, but I already have ... Read full review

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