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must read

User Review  - lioletta -

I loved this book. Read "The God Delusion" together with my 9 year old son. I support Professor Dawkins views 100%. Very well written and makes a lot of sense. Atheists of the World, unite! ... Read full review

A Must-Read for Those Questioning Religion

User Review  - miaukitty -

If your feelings get hurt easily when someone questions your beliefs, you will have to toughen up for this read. While Dawkins makes razor-sharp logical arguments for everything he sets forth, his wit ... Read full review

loved it!

User Review  - pogm -

this book is truly an educational experience as well as a journey into the mind of a true atheist. dawkins challenges current beliefs and misconceptions. time and time again he proves his theory and ... Read full review

Must Read

User Review  - bajasam96 -

This is a must read for anybody who considers themselves "open minded" !! Extremely interesting book!! ... Read full review

My Appetite for Knowledge was Filled Again

User Review  - agwri -

Since I have eyesight problems I depend upon audio books now. This one must be listened to more than one time. Fill your head with ideas. Read full review

The God Delusion

User Review  - rhack -

Thought provoking, eye opening and long over due. Yopu can learn alot about religion when you take the time to learn a lot about religion. Read full review

The God Delusion

User Review  - dougf3 -

Being brought up in an extremely religious home, it's amazing how much more sense a book about atheism can prove. Mr. Dawkins - another amazing read! ... Read full review

The God Delusion

User Review  - johnny150 -

Very Interesting book. I would recommend it for people who have an interest in this particular subject. Read full review

God Delusion

User Review  - donjx -

I really like Dawkins on evolution. I enjoyed this too but Dawkins' anger and intensity began to wear before the book was done. Still, I recommend it. ... Read full review

The God Reality

User Review  - jck2 -

A must read for both believers and the non-religious alike. Dawkins subjects faith to the same scientific rigor as all other human endeavors - why not? Read full review

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