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This book is nothing more than a redux of the Communist Manifesto.
Lakoff believes there are no "Self-Made Men" or Self-Made Women" for that matter, he believes in Collectivism, Progressivism and
all the products from the days of the Bolshevik Revolution, Woodrow Wilson, Vladimir Lenin and of course Karl Marx.
This is nothing if not a tome against Capitalism, against Free Markets and liberty as you find a in Constitutional Republic such as the United States.
There are, in fact, Self-Made Individuals, than there are the looters, the parasites the so-called intellectuals like Lakoff who renounce any form of individualism. Honest brokers of the truth merely call that Communism.
I would ask the reader and Mr. Lakoff - Who Is John Galt? Then study Milton Friedman's "Free to Choose" and find that Lakoff's ideology will hold you in bondage and my question and recommendation will, indeed, set you free.

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