The Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 54 (Google eBook)

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Macmillan, 1898 - Great Britain
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Page 132 - This good office [of contributing] he performed with such force of genius, humour, •wit. and learning, that I fared like a distressed Prince who calls in a powerful neighbour to his aid ; I was undone by my auxiliary ; when I had once called him in, I could not subsist without dependence on him.
Page 203 - most unfortunate. She married one Weemans in Dublin, who used her most unmercifully, spent his substance, became a bankrupt, and left my poor sister to shift for herself, which she was able to do but for a few months, for she went to a friend's house in the country and died of a broken heart.
Page 133 - being thought the author of any writings he is capable of producing. ... I heartily wish that what I have done here were as honorary to that sacred name [of friendship] as learning, wit, and humanity render those pieces which I have taught the reader now to distinguish for his '—ie by the letters C, L, I,
Page 198 - a little smart man, active to the last degree in all exercises — most patient of fatigue and disappointments, of which it pleased God to give him full measure ; he was in his temper somewhat rapid and hasty, but of
Page 130 - the succession to a very good estate in the county of Wexford in Ireland.' What this estate -was his biographers have failed to discover, although it has been conjectured that, if it existed at all, it belonged to a relative of his mother. On 28 Dec. 1694 Queen Mary died, and among the mourning bards who, in
Page 371 - Intytuld Gammer Gurton's Nedle: Played on Stage not longe ago in Christes Colledge in Cambridge. Made by Mr. S. Master of Art' (London, 4to, by Thomas Colwell). It has been argued that the piece was written at an earlier date than
Page 133 - says that the first four volumes had obtained it a further sale of nine thousand copies in book form (No. 555). What is clear is that Addison's assistance was still anonymous, and Steele's gratitude to him as strong as ever. ' I am indeed,' he wrote, ' much more proud of his long-continued friendship than I should be of the fame
Page 33 - All the symptoms which I have ever met with in history previous to great changes and revolutions in government now exist and daily increase in France
Page 34 - he had a person as disagreeable as it was possible for a human being to be without being deformed, and a broad rough-featured ugly face with black teeth and a head big enough for a Polyphemus.
Page 204 - The Abuses of Conscience, set forth in a Sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter's, York, at the Summer Assizes, before the Hon. Mr. Baron Clive and the Hon. Mr. Baron Smythe on Sunday, July 29, 1750.

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