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Fundamentals Of Oceanography

Keith A. Sverdrup, Alison B. Duxbury, Alyn C. Duxbury - 2006 - Science - No preview available
A basic oceanography textbook intended for nonscience majors offers up-to-date information on the marine environment with an emphasis on the principles, processes, and properties of the oceans.
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Mosby's dictionary of complementary and alternative medicine

Wayne B. Jonas - 2005 - Health & Fitness - No preview available
Mosby's Dictionary of Complementary and Alternative Medicine is a contemporary, comprehensive glossary of approximately 6,600 terms and 500 illustrations, along with 24 appendices, useful for any health professional in today's medical field. The ...
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The Secrets of Retailing: Or: How to Beat Wal-Mart!

Marc Joseph - 2005 - Business & Economics - No preview available
The Secrets of Retailing, by retailing expert Marc Joseph, is filled with the practical, "been there, done that" advice that has made Joseph so successful-from the Psychology of Buying to Working with Vendors. This invaluable book leads readers ...
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Honor Versus the Amazonian World: (Effeminate Leadership by the Chattering ...

Mitchell Edward Milo - 2006 - Social Science - No preview available
In "Honor vs. the Amazonian World," author Mitchell Milo explores the relentless increase in Amazonian attacks on real men, by writing an incrimination against 'Tyrannical Souls,"-those he blames for the constant and unbalanced viewpoints that he ...
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Rip Power: Reading Gave Him the Strength to Fight Back!

Anthony Collins, Harold Kenner - 2006 - Juvenile Fiction - No preview available
With the help of a mysterious librarian, Rip Power turns the ideas in books into weapons and defends his beloved public library from a youth gang.
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Universal Mighty Mind: Why You Should Have It All Health, Wealth, Success ...

Robin Constance - 2005 - Body, Mind & Spirit - Limited preview
You probably take yourself for granted, seldom stopping to consider your own singular magnificence; and you yearn to be happy-the pervasive quality of being content, of feeling calm and relaxed, sometimes even joyful . what you would call a state ...
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The Eyes of the Father: A Novel

Lucy Daniels - 2005 - North Carolina - Limited preview
"After more than forty years, Lucy Daniels, author of the prize-winning Caleb, My Son, returns with a new novel, The Eyes of the Father, with the same vigor and passion but with a honed wisdom and wealth of insight. Daniels is a remarkably gifted ...
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Noble Stone: A Novel

Curt Bissonette - 2005 - Fiction - Limited preview
"NOBLE STONE" is about a remarkable warrior, named Athelstan, who was born a few years before the start of the tenth century. His father was a mighty king in southern Britain, and his mother was the daughter of a cattle herdsman. As a youth ...
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