Baird, D. B., Steubenville, Ohio, Supt. Blast Furnaces, La Belle Iron Works.

Banister, Reginald N., Woodward, Ala., Secretary, Woodward Iron Company.

Barnes, Edward Martin, Birmingham, Ala., Manager of Sales, Southern District, Republic Iron and Steel Company.

Benners, Thomas, Birmingham, Ala., Southern Sales Agent, Woodward Iron Co.

Burleigh, George W., New York City, Director, Lackawanna Steel Company.

Burns, Timothy, Midland, Pa., General Superintendent, Pittsburgh Crucible Steel Company.

Bush, Morris W., Birmingham, Ala., President, Shelby Iron Company.

Clarke, Norris J., Cleveland, Ohio, Secretary, The Upson Nut Company.

Coffin, Harry W., Birmingham, Ala., Vice-President, The Alabama Company.

Collier, William Edward, Birmingham, Ala., Salesman, Republic Iron and Steel Co.

Connors, George W., Birmingham, Ala., President, Connors-Weyman Steel Co.

deHoll, Henry H., Indiana Harbor, Ind., Superintendent, By-Product Coke Plant, Inland Steel Company.

Dix, John W., Pittsburgh, Pa., Asst. General Manager of Sales, Carnegie Steel Co.

Edwards, Victor Everett, Worcester, Mass., Vice-President, Morgan Construction Co.

Foust, Thomas Bledsoe, Clarksville, Tenn., Clarksville Foundry & Machine Co.

George, Jerome H., Worcester, Mass., Chief Engineer, Morgan Construction Co.

Gruss, William J., Cleveland, Ohio, Pickands, Mather and Company.

Jewell, Thomas M., South Chicago, 111., Superintendent, Blooming Mill and Merchant Mill, Wisconsin Steel Company.

Kluttz, Warren L., Holt, Ala., Vice-President and General Manager, Central Iron and Coal Company.

Leake, W. E., Birmingham, Ala., General Manager, The Alabama Company.

Logan, John Wood, Conshohocken, Pa., Manager Steel Works Department, Alan Wood Iron and Steel Company.

McQueen, James W., Birmingham, Ala., Vice-President, Sloss-Sheffield Steel and Iron Company.

Maben, John Campbell, Birmingham, Ala., Vice-President, Sloss-Sheffield Steel and Iron Company.

Morgan, Eugene C, Birmingham, Ala., Chief Engineer, The Alabama Company.

Morgan, Paul B., Worcester, Mass., President, Morgan Spring Company.

Morris, Frank C, Sayreton, Ala., General Superintendent, Coal Mines and Coke Ovens, Republic Iron and Steel Company.

Moulton, Wallace Campbell, Birmingham, Ala., Assistant General Superintendent, Republic Iron and Steel Company.

Nibecker, Karl, Youngstown, Ohio, Steam Engineer, Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company.

Penhallegon, Will J., Birmingham, Ala., General Superintendent, Ore Mines and Quarries, Republic Iron and Steel Company.

Porter, John W., Birmingham, Ala., General Sales Manager, The Alabama Company.

Riddle, Lawrence Edward, Etna, Pa., General Superintendent, Isabella and Lucy Furnaces, Carnegie Steel Company.

Thompson, George M., Worcester, Mass., Superintendent, Spencer Wire Company.

Wilson, Willard, Birmingham, Ala., Assistant General Sales Agent, Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company.

Woodward, A. H., Woodward, Ala., Vice-President, Woodward Iron Company.


Aldrich, Truman H. Birmingham, Ala., Mining Engineer, 1026 Glen Iris Avenue. Boland, R. W., Birmingham, Ala., President, Birmingham Machine and Foundry Co. Byrd, Jr., William M., Birmingham, Ala., Broker.

Coverdale, William Hugh, New York City, Consulting Engineer, Gulf States Steel Company.

Evans, David, Chicago, 111., President, Chicago Steel and Foundry Company. Hammond, Horace, Birmingham, Ala., President, Hammond-Byrd Iron Company. Ladd, George Tellman, Pittsburgh, Pa., Engineer.

McDonough, Robert N., Birmingham, Ala., President, McDonough Ore and Mining Company.

Ramsay, Erskine, Birmingham, Ala., Vice-President and Chief Engineer, Pratt Consolidated Coal Company.

Swann, Theodore, Birmingham, Ala., Sales Manager, Alabama Power Company. Trabold, Frank W., Brooklyn, N. Y., Sales Manager, J. H. Williams and Company. SEVENTH GENERAL MEETING, BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA.

October 29, 1914.


Address by the President Elbert H. Gaby

The Use of Steam Turbines for Various Purposes Frank G. Cutler

Chief, Bureau of Steam Engineering, Tencssee Coal, Iron and Railroad Co., Birmingham, Ala'

Discussion Leif Lee And Karl Nibecker

Engineers, Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co., Youngstown, Ohio.

Discussion Alexander L. Hoerr

Steam and Hydraulic Engineer, National Tube Co., McKecsport, Pa.

The Repair Department of a Modern Steel Plant John Hulst

Chief Mechanical Engineer, Curnegie Steel Company, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Discussion Bertram D. Quarrie

General Superintendent, Newburgh Works of American Steel and Wire Co., Cleveland, Ohio.

Discussion Howard L. Bodwell

Assistant District Manager, American Sheet & Tin Plate Company, Vandergrift, Pa.

The Use of Titaniferous Ores in the Blast Furnace Frank E. Bachman

Blast Furnace Manager, Maclntyre Iron Company, Port Henry, N. Y.

Discussion Arthur H. Lee

Superintendent, Blast Furnaces, Lackawanna Steel Company, Buffalo, N. Y.

Discussion Richard H. Lee

Superintendent, Lebanon Furnaces, Pennsylvania Steel Company, Lebanon, Pa.

AFTERNOON SESSION, 2:00 P.M. The History of the Iron and Steel Industry in the South James Bowron

President, Gulf States Steel Company, Birmingham, Ala.

Discussion Hiram S. Chamberlain

President, Roane Iron Company, Chattanooga, Tenn.

The Modern Development of the Iron and Steel Industry in the South. .thomas K. Glenn President, Atlanta Steel Company, Atlanta, Ga.

Discussion George W. Connors

President, Connors-Weyman Steel Company, Birmingham, Ala.

Discussion M. P. Gentry Hillman

Carpenter & Hillman, Birmingham, Ala.

Southern Foundry Pig Iron James W. Mcqueen

Vice-President, Sloss-Sheffield Steel & Iron Co., Birmingham, Ala.

Discussion L. R. Lemoine

President, United States Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Company, Burlington, N. J.

Discussion Paschal Shook

President, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, Birmingham, Ala.


Impromptu Remarks in response to call of the President.

Remarks by the President Elbert H. Gary

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(Written for the American Iron and Steel Institute Bulletin.)

Whoever does his best will rise; for him there always is a prize; he'll harvest honor and renown, and naught on earth can hold him down.

A thousand famous men we see, in this, our country of the free, who long ago their course began as poor as any boy or man. The hardest kind of work was theirs; they cleaned the floors and swept the stairs; they tramped the whole blamed town across, on weary errands for the boss; they cleaned the mule and milked the cow, and split the rails and pushed the plow; and always burned in each one's breast, a firm resolve to do his best.

They rose, as such boys always rise; and in their manhood, sane and wise, they still as bright examples stand, to all the toilers in the land. They rose, as such boys always will; one's now the owner of the mill wherein he labored as a lad to gain each week a lonesome scad. And one who carried Adam's ale to sweating workmen, in a pail, and earned each day a half a bone, now pays an army of his own.

You know how Lincoln split the rail to earn a paltry bunch of kale. The wood was hard, the wage was low, and he had much excuse for woe; he might have sighed and said, "Gee whiz! This is a rotten sort of biz! I guess I'll strike, and just sit tight, till something better is in sight." But he was not that sort of guy; he had no use for sob or sigh; he shed his jacket and his vest, and buckled down and did his best.

You know how Garfield used to whack the mules along a weary track; he trudged beside the long canal, and yelled, "Gee, Buck," and "Get up, Sal!" He walked about a thousand versts to earn his bread and wienerwursts; from dawn till sunset in the West he toiled along, and did his best. You also know how high they went, these youths who knew no discontent, who did their work with vim and zest, wherever placed, and did their best.

The chances are as good to-day for those who work, the good old way, who have no time to growl or knock, and no desire to watch the clock.

Emporia, Kansas. Sept. 24, 1914. WALT MASON.

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