of Genbei at Tokio, and is a worthy example of the training trees receive by him; the Jikkei shape is remarkably well brought out; height, 2 feet, 3 inches; width, 3 feet, 6 in.; age, about 90 years; blue and white Seto pot. See "Important Notice " and illustration.

394. Chabo Hiba. Golden variety; a splendidly trained tiny speci

men which makes a charming cabinet piece; mark the exposed roots'; height, 6 inches; age, 15 years; Idzumo pot.

395. Podocarpus Okina. Variegated; shows good training and is

a very decorative specimen of this variety; height, 26 inches; age, about 45 years; blue and white Seto pot.

396. Pinus Parviflora. Twisted and grafted; a very beautiful little

tree; height, 11 inches; age, about 25 years; Seto pot.

397. Pinus Parviflora. Exposed roots carefully trained; good cab

inet specimen; height, 7 inches; age, 15 years; Owari pot.

398. Sakaki. This charming variety has been remarkably developed

in this specimen, and received careful training in every line; the foliage is very marked, making it highly decorative; a valuable ornament; height, 30 inches; age, about 20 years; Seiji pot.

399. Chabo Hiba. Green variety; Jikkei shape; a very well trained

tree in every particular; height, 24 inches; age, about 40 years; Idzumo pot.

The following fifty-one plants have been selected with the greatest care, as we wish to present to the plant lovers of Boston a collection of trees notable in each and every particular. Here one finds the various methods of tree training wonderfully demonstrated, many unique and striking examples being displayed; in fact, each tree is in itself a perfect specimen of some peculiar style of training. A more noteworthy collection of carefnlly trained and splendidly developed trees has never been exhibited in this country.

400. Chabo Hiba. tpolden variety; the Midara shape is here beau

tifully brought out by Tokicho, of Tokio; a better specimen of this training is rarely, if ever, secured; perfect in form; height, 25 inches; age, about 70 years; Shigaraki pot.

[graphic][merged small]

401. Podocarpus Okina. Has received careful training by the same

gardener, the late Tokicho, and is a perfect example of the Fuji Yama shape; the variegation is particularly beautiful in this plant, and adds greatly to its value; height, 29 inches; age, about 60 years; Shigaraki pot. See illustration.

402. Chabo Hiba. Green variety; Tikkei shape; trained by Tokuy

mon, a well known gardener at Osaka; each branch shows his remarkable skill; height, 2 feet, 6 inches; width, 3 feet, 6 inches; age, about 100 years; handsome jardiniere made by Chikusen, of Kioto, and is very valuable.

403. Chabo Hiba. Green variety; the Nakasu shape, carefully

trained by Tokuymon; a perfect specimen; height, 14 in.; age, about 50 years; Shigaraki pot.

404. Bonkei. The arrangement of this little scene is worthy of

careful study; the large rock on which is perched the very beautiful bronze house is charmingly surrounded by two specimens of weil trained Pinus Parviflora, and the exceedingly attractive Nakoran; the entire piece is picturesque in the extreme, and is second to no bonkei in the collection; height, 15 inches; age of pines, about 25 years; Shigaraki dish. See illustration.

405. Chabo Hiba. Green variety; Jikkei shape, showing peculiar

training; a handsome specimen of this method of treatment, worthy of special attention; the size of the trunk is extraordinary and denotes the great age of the tree; height, 2 feet, 6 inches; age, about 90 years; Ruri pot.

406. Chabo Hiba. Green variety; a very interesting specimen of

the Nakasu shape, showing peculiar training; height, 19 in.; age, about 35 years; Shigaraki pot. See "Important Notice."

407. Podocarpus Okina. Variegated; best example of the Mikoshi

shape; very well trained; secured by us from the gardens of Mr. Takagi; height, 23 inches; age, about 50 years; Shigaraki pot.

408. Pinus Parviflora grafted with Densiflora. An extremely inter

esting combination worthy of note; the training is most peculiar in every detail; height, 15 inches; age, about 25 years; Shigaraki pot.

[graphic][merged small]
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