Professor; b. Apr. 17, 1S80, Johnstown, Pa. Prepared in Pa. State Coll. Hon. Mention; Gold purse for best design; T. Square Club, Philadelphia. Attended Drexel Inst. of Art and Sci., Philadelphia, Pa., 1905; Columbia Univ..- 1906-7. Tutored in Shade and Shadows, Columbia Univ.; Chief Draftsman; Instr. in Arch., Univ. of 111., 1909-11. Author: A Report on the Ventilation and Sanitation of the Dormitories of Common Univ., etc. Professor of Architecture and Supervising Architect, Wash. State College, 1911— Address. Pullman, Wash.


C. E., 1871, Univ. of Mich.; Professor; b. Nov. 22, 1841, Philadelphia, Pa.; s. Chas. Roe (b. Eng.) & Eliza Ann (Greaves) Webb (b. ibid.) Prepared in Philadelphia H. S. Attended Univs. Heidelberg, Gottingen, Berlin, and Paris, 1878-80. Asst. Prof, of Civ. Eng., Univ. of Mich., 1871; Prof, of Civ. Eng., Univ. of 111., 1872-8; Prof, of App. Math., Cornell Univ., 1880-5; Prof, of Math, and Mech., Stacey Inst, of Tech., 1885-7; Carnegie Retiring Allowance, 1907. Con. Engr., in Mech., Phys., and Math., etc.; Judge at Internatl. Elec. Exhibition, Philadelphia, 1884; Juror at La. Purchase Expt., St. Louis, 1905. Invented: Floating Dynamometer; Viscous Dynamometer; Dynamophone for the precise measurement of power, and other scientific apparatus. Author of numerous short Dapers. Member various scientific, social and religious societies and clubs. Married Mary Kmelinc Gregory, 1876, Champaign, 111. Children, Margaret, b. 1877; Dudley Lankester, b. 1880; Hubert Greaves, b. I88j; Harold Worthington, b. 1885; Carolas Roe, b. 1886. Died Feb. 17, 1912, New York City.


(See No. 1088.)


(See No. G237.)


Ph. D., 1879, Ohio State Univ.; Professor; b. July 12. 1845. Clinton Twp., Franklin Co., O.; s. Frederick (b. Palatinate, Ger.) & Caroline (Tascher) Weber (b. ibid.) Prepared in Otterbein Univ., Westerville, O., and Sch. of Tech., Kaiserslauten, Univ. of Munich, Ger. Chemist to Geol. Sur. of O., 1869-74; Prof, of Chcm., Univ. of 111., 1874-82; Mnfgr. of sugar from sorghum, 1882-4; Prof. 01 Agr. Chem., Ohio State Univ., 1884— Chemist to State Bd. of Agr.., 111.; State Bd. of Health. III.; State Chemist, Ohio; Member State Dairy and Food Comm.; State Bd. of Agr., Ohio; Pure Food Standards Comm. Amer. Chem. Soc; Amer. Soc. for Adv. of Sci. (Fellow); Amer. Micros. Assn; Ohio Acad, of Sci.; Internatl. Congress of App. Chem. Author: Qualitative Analysis; numerous articles in Jour. Amer. Chcm. Soc, in rcpts. of the State Dairy and Food Comm., O. Married Rosa Ober, Dec. 29, 1870, Columbus, O. Children, Henriette; Hilda L. Died June 4, 1912, Columbus, O.


A. B., 1890, Harvard Univ.; A. M., 1891, ibid.; Ph. D., 1897, ibid.; Professor; b. Jan. a, 1863, Tabor, la.; s. Joseph Van Rcnselaer (b. Feb. 2, 1820, Sheridan, N. Y.) & Imogcne (Cookson) Weeks (b. Oct. 5, 1821, ibid.) Prepared in Kansas City Central H. S. and Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass. Delta Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Signet. Highest scholarships during four years, and Traveling Fellow to Harvard, 1893-5. A year and a half in Paris, and half year in Berlin. Instr. in French, Univ. of Mich., 1891-3: Prof, of Romance Langs., Univ. of Mo., 1895-1908; do., Univ. of 111., 1908-9; Prof, of Romance Langs, and Lit., Columbia Univ., 1908— Invented four or five instruments for study of the organs of speech. Author of sixty or more articles, pamphlets, etc. Ed. ot the Romanic Review and Sub. Ed. of the Romanische Jahrcsbcricht, Dresden. Member of more than twenty societies. Married Mary Arnoldia, Mar. 3, 1885, Kansas City, Mo. Children, Hugh Arnoldia, h. Mar. 30, 1891; Joseph, b. Aug. 15, 1900; Elie, h. Apr. 12, 1903. Address. Columbia Univ., New York City.


B. S., 1903, Univ. of Wis.; A. M., 1907, ibid; Assistant; b. Mar. 26, 1879, Lake Mills, Wis.; s. August H. (b. ibid.) & Susanna 1. (Harvey) Wegemann. Prepared in Lake Mills H. S-, and Beloit Coll. Acad., Wis. Geol. work in Ontario, 1904; in Isle of Pines, West Indies, 1905-6; Asst. in Geol., Univ .of III., 1906-7; Asst. Geol., U. S. Geol. Sur., 1907— Author: Some Notes on River Development in the Vicinity of Danville, 111., Univ. Studies, V. Ill, No. 2, 22 pp., 1909; Notes on the Coals of the Custer Natl. Forest, Montana, U. S. Geol. Sur. Bull. 381-A, 6 pp., 1909; The Buffalo Coal Field, Wyoming, U. S. Geol. Sur. Bull., 381-B. 32 pp., 1910 (with H. S. Gale); The Salt Creek Oil Field, Pines, West Indies, 1905-6: Asst. in Geol., Univ. of 111.. 1906-7; Asst. Geol., U. S. Geol. Wyo., U. S. Geol. Sur. Bull. 452, 1911; also a number of articles. Member Geol. Soc. of Washington; Pick and Hammer Club; Y. M. C. A., 1902-9. Married Louise Presbury Cook, Apr. 8, 1911. Address, 3126 Q St., N. W., Washington, I). C.


NEWTON ALONZO WELLS B. Painting, 1877, Syracuse Univ.; Professor; b. Apr. 9, 1852, Lisbon, N. Y.; s. Alonzo (b. Oct., 1825, Westville, N. Y.) & Julia Anna (Cargin) Wells (b. Constable, N. Y.) Prepared in Franklin Acad., Malone, N. Y. Sigma Xi. Studied in the Acad. Julien under Benjamin Constant, J. P. Laurens, and Adolph Bouguereau, in 1886, and 1K9W. Instr., Union Coll., 1877-0; "Prof, of Drawing. Syracuse Univ., 1879-89; Dean, Sch. of Art, Western Reserve Univ., 1889-90; Prof, of Hist, and Prac. of Painting, Univ. of 111., 18991903; Prof, of Arch. Decoration, 1903—- Has executed many art works of both public and private character. Exhibited in the larger national exhibitions, since 1884; in Paris Salon, 1896-8; Columbian Exhibition, 1893. Asst. Ed. on Art Interchange, 1893-4; published reviews and other articles upon art topics for newspaper and art magazines. Author: A Portfolio of Little Etchings, 1889; Use of Color in Architecture, Island Architect, Mural Painting, Brush and Pencil, 1900; A Description of the Affective Character of the Colors of the Spectrum, Psych. Bull., 1910, V. vii, pp. 185-195. Member Natl. Soc. of Amer. Artists, 1889; Arch. League of Amer., 1900 (Vice-Pres., 1903.4); Salmagundi Club, 1903; Arch. League of N. Y., 1903; Natl. Soc. of Mural Painters, 1904; T Square Club, Philadelphia, 1906; Chicago Soc. of Etchers. Married Flora A. Ellis, 1879, Schenectady, N. Y. Child, Reginald Ellis, b. Jan. 8, 1881. Address, 803 W. Oregon St., Croatia, 111.

EDGAR I. WENGER B. S.; Con. Engr.; b. Aug. 24, 1878, Ayton. Ont.; s. N. & Isabel (Philip) Wcnger. Prepared in Woodstock Baptist Coll. Acacia. Nicholls Scholarship. Engr., Constr. Dept, Westinghouse E. & M. Co., 1903-5; Iustr. in Elec. Eng., Univ. of 111., 1906-0; Assoc, in R. R. Eng., 1909; Asst. Prof. Elec. Eng., McGill Univ., 1909-10; Consulting Engr., Regina, Sask., 1910— Married Janette M. Wenger, June 22, 1907, Chicago, 111. Child, Charles E. b. June 20, 1908. Address, Whitmore Bldg., Regina, Sask., Can.



MARY MINERVA WETMORE Instructor; b. Canficld, O.; d. John & Minerva (Wallace) Wetmore. Prepared in Salem (O.) 11. S. Studied in Cleveland Sch. of Art; Philadelphia Sch. of Design; Art Students' League, New York City; four years' study abroad, Julien Acad, and Colorosi Acad. Paris. Exhibited in Paris Salon, 1900 and 1901. Instr. 111 Art and Design. Univ. of 111. 1906— Member Amer. Art Assn. Paris; Womans Art Club, New York; Art Students League, New York; Soc. of Chicago Artists; Amer. Fed. of Arts, Washington, D. C.; Bd. of Control, Art Students League, New York; Bd. Womans Art Club, da. Address, 511 W. Church St., Champaign, 111.

HENRY CLYDE WHEELER B. S. A., 1007, Ont. Agr. Coll.; b. Dec. 15, 1884, Newton Falls, O.; s. Charles (b. Dec. 19, 1853, BrookficM, O.) & Alice (Sturble) Wheeler (b. Jan. 29, 1861. ibid.) Field work, soil sur., 1908-9; As*t. in Soil Sur., Agr. Exp. Sta., Univ. of 111., 1909; Assoc, in Soil Physics, 1912— Address, 912 W. Nevada St., Urbana, 111.


(See No. G243.)


(See No. 4493)


A. B., 1893, Univ. of Mich.; B. S-, 1904, ibid.; Professor; b. Apr. 28, 1873, Peoria, 111. s. Samuel Holmes (b. 1830, Lockport, N. Y.) & Jennie (McLaren) White (b. 1840, Glasgow, Scot.) Prepared in Peoria H. S. Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon. Asst. in Chem., Univ. of 111., 1893-6; Student in Polytechnicum, Zurich, 1896-7; Instr. in Chem. Technol.^ Univ. of Mich., 1897-1904; Asst. Prof., 1904-7; Jr. Prof. Chem. Eng., 1907-11; Prof, of Chem. Eng., 1911— Author: The Disintegration or Cement Floors and Sidewalks, Mich. Technic, V. xxii, 2, pp. 18-25, 1909; Disintegration of Fresh Cement Floor Surfaces by the Action of Carbon Dioxid, at Low Temperatures, Proc. Amer. Soc. for Testing Materials; Studies in the Manufacture of Coal Gas (with J. H. Wyman, W. A. Dunkley, and P. Barker) Proc. Mich. Gas Assn., 1909; Constants and Variables in the Destructive Distinction of Coals, (with B. M. Ferguson) do., 1910, pp17-46; Destruction of Cement Mortars and Concrete through Expansion and Contraction, Proc. Amer. Soc. for Testing Materials; 1911; The function of Tar in the Condensation of Coal Gas, (with R. S. Tour) Proc. Mich, Gas Assn., 1911, pp. 48-57. Member Mich. Gas Light Assn.; Amer. Chein. Soc; Research Club, Univ. or Mich.; Amer. Gas Inst.; Amer. Soc. for Testing Materials; First Unit. Church. Married Rebecca Mason Downey, July 28, 1903, Pueblo, Colo. Children, Alfred McLaren, b. July 1, 1904; Mary Julian, h. June 15, 1907. Address, 715 Church St., Ann Arbor, Mich.

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Ph. B., 1893, Univ. of Mich.; b. Peoria, 111.; d. Samuel Holmes (b. Lockport. N. Y.) & Jennie E. (McLaren) White (b. Glangow, Sect.) Prepared in Peoria H. S. Attended Univ. of Munich, 1st semester, 1899-1900; Univ. of Wi?., summer 1904 and 1905; Univ. of 111., 1904-5. Instr. in Math., Pueblo (Colo.) II. S., 1893-5; do., Peoria, 1895-9 and 1901-2; do.. Univ. of 111., 1902-8; do.. Univ. of Kan. Address, Univ. of Kan., Lawrence, Kan.(t)


Herbert Lucius Whittemore

B. S.t 1903, Univ. of Wis.; M. E"., 1910, ibid.; Engineer; b. Oct. 1, 1876, Milwaukee, Wis.; s. Lucius L. & Charlotte Elizabeth (Hanson) Whittemore. Prepared In East Side H. S., Milwaukee, Wis. Asst. to A. P. Hanson, exp. work, Berlin, Ger., 1905-6; Systematizer, British Westinghouse Elec. Mfg. Co., Manchester, Eng., 1906; Instr. in App. Mech., Univ. of 111., 1906-7; Assoc, 1907-10; Engr. tests, Watertown Arsenal, Mass., 1910— Author: The Strength of Oxacetylene Welds in Steel. Univ. of 111. Exp. Sta., Urbana, 111., 1910; also a number of arts. Member Amer. Soc. Mech. Engrs.; Soc. for Prom. Kng. Educ; Soc. for Testing Materials. Address, Fayerweather Hall, Columbia- Univ., N'ew York City.


(See No. 2859.)


(See No. 4978.)


Ph. B., 1904, State Univ. of la.; A. M., 1905, ibid.; Ph. D., 1907, Univ. of Pa.; Assoc. Prof.; b. May 3, i860, Reiner*, Ger.; s. Gustav (b. Feb. 11, 1846, ibid.) & Johanna (Schaffer) Wiehr (b. Sept. 12, 1847, ibid.) Prepared abroad and in Decorah Inst., la. Phi Beta Kappa. Fellow in German, State Univ. of la., 1904-5; Harrison Fellow, Univ. of Pa., 1905-6; Univ. Fellow, ibid., 1906-7. Lecturer in Ger., State Univ. of la.. Summer Session, 1904; Instr., do., 1905; Instr., Univ. of Pa., Summer Session 1906; Asst. in Ger., Univ. of 111., 1906-7; Instr., 1907-10; Instr. in Ger.. Smith Coll., 1910-11; Assoc. Prof., 1911— Feild-Artillerie Kegt. von Peucker, Schlesisches, Nummer 6, 1890-93. Author: Hebbel & Ibsen, Stuttgart, 1908, 183 pp., 8vo.; Lessing's "Minna von Barnhelm," Edited with Intro., Notes, and Vocab., Oxford Univ. Press, New York, 1910.; also a number of articles. Member Mod. Langs. Assn.; Soc. for Adv. of Scand. Stud. Married Isabelle Lee Glennie, Aug. 12, 1912, at Northampton, Mass. Address, Northampton, Mass.


A. M. and Ph. D., 1897, Univ. of Berlin; Assoc. Prof.; b. Nov. 13, 1876, Hamburg, Ger.; s. Max (h. Inowrazlaw, do.) & Friederike (Hurwitz) Wilczynski (b. Memel, do.) Prepared in N. Div. H. S., Chicago, III. Nautical Almanac, 1898; Columbian Univ., 1898; Univ. of Calif., 1898-1907; Research Assoc, Carnegie Inst., Washington, D. C-, 1903-5; Assoc. Prof, of Math., Univ. of 111., 1907-10; Assoc. Prof, of Math., Univ. of Chicago, 1910— Prizej Belgian Acad, of Sci., 1909. Contributor to projective differential geometry. Author: Projective Differential Geometry of Curves and Ruled Surfaces, B. G. Teubner, Leipsic, 1906, pp. ,viii ~f-*?8; The New Haven Math. Colloquium (with E. H. Moore and M. Mason) Yale Univ. Press., New Haven, Conn., 1910, pp. x-f-222; also about fifty articles. Member Amer. Math. Soc; Circolo Matematico di Palermo; Amer. Assn. for Adv. of Sci. (Fellow). Married Countess Ines Macola, 1906, Padua, Italy. Children, Elena Renza, b. Aug. 10. 1907; Massimilla Incs, b. July 30. 1909. Address, 5332 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111.


(See No. 845)


(See No. 2277.)


(See No. 1436.)


A. B. and A. M., Univ. of la.; Ph. D., 1909, Heidelberg, Ger.; Instructor; b. June 4. 1877, Iowa City, la.; s. John (b. Jan. 24, 1844, Preston, Conn.) & Violet Selena (Hankins) Williams (b. Mar. 11, 1857, Iowa City, la.) Prepared in Iowa City Acad., la. Phi Beta Kappa. Fellow in Ger., Cornell Univ., 1902-3; Ottcndorfer Memorial Fellowship in Ger. Phflol. New York Univ. 1903-4. Studied in Leipsic and Berlin. Instr. in Ger. Univ. of Minn., 1905-8; Instr. in Ger. Univ. of 111., 1909— Author: Zur Liederpoesie in -Fisharts Gargantua, Halle, Max Niemeyer, 1909, 70 pp.; Zwie deutschc Liederbiicher des 16 Jahrhunderts in Vatikan, Jour, of Eng. and Ger. Philol., V. 8, 1909, pp. 489-500; Weiteres zu Fiscbarts Liedern, Paul and Braunes Beitraege, V. 37, 1911, pp. 262-272. Member Mod. Lang. Assn.; M. E. Church. Married Cora Anna Peterson, June 28, 1911, Elbow Lake, Minn. Address, 907 W. Oregon St., Urbana, 111.

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WILLIAM HENRY WILLIAMS B. S. in E. E., 1896, Univ. of Wis.; Prepared in Battle Creek Coll., Mich., 1886. Prin of H. S., New Richmond, Wis., 1887-91; Supt. of City Schs., Antigo, Wis., 1891-3; Prof. Elec. Eng., Mont. State Coll., 1896; Asst. Prof. Elec. Eng., Univ. of 111-, 1902-5; Sales Mgr., Hart-Parr Co., 1905— Address, Charles City, la.



(See No. 1437.)


B. S. in E. E.. 1903, Univ. of Wis.; Instructor; b. June 11, 1878, Bozeman. Mont.; s. Davis (b. July 17, 1841, Canton, N. Y.) & Martha Amanda (Van Allen) Willson (b. Sept. 19, 1846, Bozeman, Mont.) Prepared in Bozeman Acad., Mont. Grad., Stud., Univ. of 111., 1910— Instr. in Elec. Eng., Univ. of 111., 1905—- Three years Militia, State of Mont. Married Lynne Rachel Corbett, July 20, 1904, Ft. Collins. Colo. Child, Martha Lincta, b. Dec. 28, 1907. Address. 1008 W. Green St., Urbana, 111.


A. B-, A. M-, 1902, Southwestern Univ., Georgetown, Tex.; A. M., 1903, Vanderbilt Univ.; Ph. D., 1905, Cornell Univ.; b. Nov. 12, 1877, Margonin, Posen. Ger. Sophomore Gold Medal in Engl. Comp.; Junior-Senior, do; Pub. Debating Prize, $25; Fellow, Vanderbilt Univ., 1903-3; Sage Grad. Scholar, Cornell. 1903-4; Fellow, ibid., 1904-5. Teacher in Summer Sch., Southwestern Univ., 1902; in Pub. Sen., Georgetown, Texas, 1902; in Ward Sem. for Young Ladies, Westville, Tenn., 1903; Instr. in Ger. Univ. of 111., 1905-6. Author: Liberty, An Essay on the Freedom of the Will; The Diabolical in Lit.; The Phil, of Friedric Schiller. Member M. E. Church, (t)


B. S., 1892, Vanderbilt Univ.; M. S., 1893, ibid.; Ph. D., 1911, Univ. of Chicago; Assoc. Prof.; b. Feb. 4, 1872, Saundersville, Tenn.; s. Thomas Black (b. June 18. 1839, Nashville, Tenn.) & Lucy (Ciagwall) Wilson (b. June 18, i84o,Watertown, Tenn.) Prepared in Station Camp Acad., Sumner Co., Tenn^ and Montgomery Bell Acad., Nashville, Tenn. Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. Crawford Scholarship, Founders' Medal. Teaching Fellowship in Math. Attended Johns Hopkins Univ., 1893-5, Univ. ot Gottingen, 1899-1900; Bonn, 1903-4. Instr. in Math., Princeton Univ., 1895-1903; do., Univ. of 111., 1904-5; Assoc. Prof, of Math., Ala. Poly. Inst., 1905-10; do., Haverford Coll., 1910— Author: Automorphic Transformations of the Binary Quartic: Amer. Jour, of Math., V. xxxiii. No. 1, 1911, pp. 29-36. Member Math. Soc; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc. of Amer. Married Zue Ward, Dec, 1900, Ft. Worth, Texas. Address, Haverford Coll., Haverford, Pa.

ALBERT SHERWOOD WILSON A. B., 1900, Univ. of Toronto; B. D., 1902, Univ. of Chicago; Librarian; b. Mar. 11, 1878, Merritton, Ont.; s. George Byron (b. Dec. 21, 1835, ibid.} & Adaline Belinda (Harris) Wilson (b. Jan. 30, 1840, Ingersoll, Ont.) Prepared in Coll. Inst., St. Catharines, Ont. John Macdonald Scholarships in Phil., 1898 and 1899; Fellowship in Systematic Thool., Univ. of Chicago, 1901-4. Depart. Libr. in charge of Haskell Libs.. Univ. of Chicago, 1904-6; Libr. and Prof, of Bibliog., Colo. State Nor. Sch., Greeley, Colo., 1906-7; Acting Dir., Lib. Sch., Univ. of 111., 1907-9; Asst. Dir. and Asst. Prof, of Lib. Econ., 1909-12; Libr., Wash. State Coll. 1912—Married Luna Goodrich Phelps. Aug 21, 1906, Merritton, Ont. Address, State Coll. Lib., Pullman, Wash.

VICTOR TYSON WILSON M. E., 1902, Cornell Univ.; Professor; h. Apr. 11, 1864, Philadelphia, Pa.; s. Joseph Washington (b. Feb. 22, 1838, ibid.) & Anna (Tyson) Wilson (b. ibid.) Tan Beta Pi. Grad. Pa. Museum and Sch. of Indus. Art, Philadelphia, 1886. Draftsman, New York City, 1888-1892; Instr. Cent. Man. Tr. Sch., Philadelphia, 1892; Instr. in Free-hand and Mech. Drawing, Cornell Univ., 1893-1003; Instr. in Mech. Eng., Drexel Inst., Philadelphia, 1903-4; Asst. Prof, of G. E. D , in charge of Dcpt. of Draw., Univ. of 111., 1904-?: Prof, of Eng. Draw., Pa. State Coll., 1907-8; Prof, of Draw, and Design, Mich. Agr. Coll., 1908— Author: Free-hand Perspective, John Wiley & Son, 1898; Freehand Lettering, do., 1900; Notes on Prac. Mech. Drawing, 1907; Descriptive Geom.. John Wiley & Son. 1900. Member Soc. for Prom, of Eng. Educ. Married Harriet T. Pattison. Address, E. Lansing, Mich.

SAMUEL ROBERTSON WINCHELL A. B., 1870, Univ. of Mich.; A. M., 1873, ibid.; b. Nov. 26, 1843, North East, Dutchess Co., N. Y.; s. Horace (b. Aug. 12, 1796, ibid.) & Caroline (McAllister) Winchel] (b. Apr. 29, 1806, ibid.) Prepared in Amenia Sem., Amenia, N. Y. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Pnn. of a number of acads. and schs., 1864-75. Classical Ed. for D. Appleton & Co., 1881; New England Mgr., D. Appleton & Co., 1882-6; Mgr. Interstate Pub. Co., Chicago and Boston. 1886-8; Pres. Natl. Young Folks' Reading Circle. 1888-92; Prof, of Latin, Univ. of HI., iS89-9>; Mgr., in the West, of High Sch. and Coll. Dept. of Amer. Book Co., 1891-2; Mgr. Winchell Teachers Agency and Lecture Bureau, 1892-1911. Prin. Winchell Acad., Evanston, 111., 1894-7. State Visitor to State Nor. Sch., Whitewater, Wis., 1874; Sch. Comm. Melrose, Mass., 1885-6. Author: Latin Prose Composition, 1875, E. H. Butler & Co., Philadelphia, 142 pp.; Elementary Lessons in Greek Syntax. 18X7. D. Appleton &- Co., New York, 107 pp., 8vo.; Orthog., Etymol., and Punct., 1901, A. Flanagan & Co.. Chicago, 186 pp.. 8vo.; Chicago. Past and Present, 1906, do., 250 pp., 8vo.; The Artists' Blue Book of Chicago, 1906. pub. by the author; A Civic Man. for Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois, 1910, A. Flanagan Co., Chicago, 287 pp., 8vo.; also other publications. Editor and publisher of a number of periodicals. Proprietor Chicago School Supply House. Member Central Howard Assn., Chicago; Natl. Council, Natl. Econ. League. Married Calphurnia Eleutheria Corson, Aug. 2, 1870, Birmingham, Mich. Children, Harley, b. Aug. 13, 1871; Calphurnia Maia, b. May 16, 1874; Julia Alexandria, b. Dec. 31, 1879; Roberta tarissima, b. Sept. 26, 1887 (d. Jan. 23, 1895). Address, Oak Park. 111.; Bus. Address, 1844 W. Lake St., Chicago.

PHINEAS LAWRENCE WINDSOR Ph. B., 1895, Northwestern Univ.; Libr. nnd Dir.; b. Feb. 21, 1871, Chenoa, 111.; s. Rev. John Alexander (b. July it, 1828, near Hyattstown, Md.) & Amy (Arnold) Windsor (b. Dec. 10, 1840, 0.) Prepared in Northwestern Prep. Sch. fail Kappa Phi; Hinman Lit. Soc; Delta Tau Delta. Attended New York Lib. Sch., 1897-0; Albany Law Sch.. 1899-1000. Asst., New York State Lib., 1800-1000; Asst., Libr. of Congress, 1900-3; Libr., Univ. of Tex., Austin, 1903-9; Libr. and Dir., Lib. Sch., Univ. of 111.. 1909— Author: Handbook of Texas Libs., Texas State Lib. Assn., Austin, Tex,, 1904, 8vo., 86 pp.; also a number of articles. Member Amer. Lib. Assn. (Council 1908-13, and Chairman Professional Tr. Sec, 1910); Bibliog. Soc. of Amer.; Pres. 111. Lib. Assoc, 1912. Married Margaret Fursman Boynton, Jan. 1, 1902, Lockport, N. Y. Children, Margaret, b. 1904; Mary Frances, b. 1907; Elizabeth Arnold, b. 1909. Address, Urbana, 111.


A. B., 1887, Univ. of Wis.; Ph. D., 1900, Cornell Univ.; Professor; b. Oct. 5, 1867, Mt. Morris, 111.; s. Thomas (b. Oct. 17, 1829, Devynock, Breconshire, Wales) & Caroline E. (Mumford) Winston (b. Mar. 26, 1836, Wayne Co., Pa.) Delta Upsilon. Fellow, Univ. of Chicago, 1892-3; Fellow, Cornell Univ., 1899-1900. Attended Johns Hopkins Univ., 1891-2; Univ. of Chicago, 1892-5. Teacher in pub. schs., 1887-9; Instr. in riist., Univ. of III., 1893-4; Instr. in Ohio State Univ.; teacher in Chicago and Indianapolis high schs.; Instr. and Asst. Prof, of Econ., Washington Univ., 1901-10; Prof, of Econ. Coll. of Finance, Peking, China, 1910— Author: The Constitutionality of the Protective Tariff, Jour, of Pol. Econ., 1896; Socialism in the United States. Contemporary Rev.. 1900; Sixteenth Century Trusts, Atlantic Monthly, 1901; The Pullman Strike, Jour, of Pol. Econ., 1901; A Quarter Century of Strikes, Atlantic Monthly, 1902; The Trade Union and the Superior Workman, do.. 1902J Political Economy, Encyclopedia Americana. Member Amer. Econ. Assn. Address, College of Finance, Peking, China.


B. S. in Chem., 1899, Univ. of Pa.; Ph. D., 1905, ibid.; Prof.; b. Aug. 29, 1878. Philadelphia, Pa.; s. David Daniel (b. May, 1854, County Derry, Ire.) & Margaret McCool (Stewart) Withrow (b. Mar. 4, 1856, ibid.) 2elosophic Lit. Soc, Philadelphia, City Free Competitive Scholarship, 1895-9; Harrison Scholar in Chem.; Grad. Sch., Univ. of Pa., 1903

f; Univ. Scholar, 1904-5. Chemist, Barrett Mfg. Co., Philadelphia, Pa., 1899-1903; Asst. nstr. in Chem., Univ. of 111., 1905-6; Instr. in Analyt. Chem., 1905-6; in charge of Indus, and App. Electr. Chem., Ohio State Univ.; 1906-9, Asst. Prof, of Chem.; 1909-11, Assoc. Prof., 1912, Prof. Author: The Progress of Mineral, in 1898 (with H. S. Hamilton, New York City, 1899), Bull. No. 1, Amer. Inst, of Mining Engrs.; The Progress of Mineral, in 1899, do., 1900; The Electrolytic Precipitation of Gold with a Rotating Anode and the Rapid Analysis of Halides; also a number of articles. Member Philadelphia Mineralogy Club (Pres., 1900); Amer. Chem. Soc. (Vice Pres.); Amer. Assn. for Adv. of Sci. (Fellow); Amer. Elect. Chem. Soc; Soc. for Prom, of Eng. Educ.; Amer. Inst. Chem. Engrs.; Natl. Geog. Soc; Eighth Internatl. Cong, of App. Chem. Married Alice Steclman, Sept., 1906, Philadelphia, Pa. Children, Alice Steelman, b. Apr. 5, 1909; James Renwick, b. Feb. 2, 1911. Address, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, O.

HARRY PETERMAN WOOD B. S.. 1899, Pa. State Coll.; E. E., 1903. ibid.: Professor; b. July 18, 1878, Muncy, Pa.; s. William J. (b. June 26, 1839, ibid.) & Elizabeth Updegraff (Peterman) Wood (b. Aug. 7, 1846). Prepared in Muncy H. S. With J. D. White & Co., Washington, D. C, 1899; Supt. East Side Elec Co., Detroit^ Mich., 1900-1; AjSt. Prof, of Elec. Eng., Pa. State Coll., 1902-6; Asst. Prof, of Elec. Eng., Univ. of 111., 1906-7; Prof, of Elec. Eng., Ga. Sch. of Tech., 1907— Member A. T. E. E.; Amer. Electrochem. Soc. Married Elizabeth Frances Tones, Dec 23, 1905, State College, Pa. Children, Mary Elizabeth, b. Apr. 12, 1907 (d. June 18, 1908); Elizabeth Frances, b. Dec 31, 1908. Address, Ga. School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga.


(See No. 846.)


Born in 111.; appointed to U. S. Mil. Acad., 1873; grad. from the Acad, and appointed additional Second Lieut., 4th Inf., Tune 15, 1877, and Second Lieut., 18th Inf., June 30, 1877; promoted to 1st Lieut, and Capt., same regiment, Oct. 15, 1886, and June 6, 1894; promoted to Maj., 30th Inf., Feb. 2, 1901; transferred to the 20th Inf., Sept. 20, 1901; promoted to Lieut. Col., Feb. 3, 1906; to Col.? Mar. 12, 1910. Prof, of Mil. Sci. and Tac, Univ. of 111., 1880-1883; detailed for service as Inspr. Gen., when Major of Inf., Nov. 28, 1903; as Inspr. Gen., when Lieut. Col. of Int.. Mar. 3, 1906; was relieved from this duty Mar. 12, 1910. Address, Jefferson Barracks, Mo.


JAY WALTER WOODROW A. B., Drake Univ., Des Moines, la.; A. B., 1910, Oxford Univ., Eng.; Instructor; b. Apr. 3, 1884, Minnesota; s. Joseph Thomas & Delia E. (Kennedy) Woodrow. Prepared in Drake Acad., Des Moines, la. Senior Acad. Scholarship; Second honors in

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