Philadelphia, 1859-64; also performed ministerial service at Canton, Md., and in St. Stephen's and St. Peter's, Philadelphia; Editor of "The Lutheran," 1861; Norton Professor in the Lutheran Theological Seminary.Philadelphia; Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy in the University of Pennsylvania, 1868, and Vice-Provost of the same institution since 1873. He has been a voluminous author, and possesses a library of great value.

Professor Charles M. Mead, D. D., Theological Seminary, Andoyer, Mass. Born at Cornwall, Vt., January 28, 1836. Graduated at Middlebury College, Vt., 1856; studied in Germany, 1863-66; Professor of Hebrew at Andover Theological Seminary since 1866.

Professor Howard Osgood, D. D., Theological Seminary, Rochester, N. Y.

Professor Joseph Packard, D. D., Theological Seminary, Alexandria, Va.

Professor Calvin E. Stowe, J. D., Hartford, Conn. Born at Natick, Mass., April 6, 1802.

Graduated atBowdoin College, Brunswick, Me., 1824, and at Andover Theological Seminary, 1828; Assistant Professor of Sacred Literature at Andover, and Assistant Editor of the Boston "Recorder," 1828-30; Professor in Dartmouth College, 1830-33; Lane Theological Seminary, 1833-50; Bowdoin College,1850-52; Andover Theological Seminary, 1852-64; the author of the "Origin and History of the Books of the Bible" and several other works of biblical knowledge. He is the husband of Harriet Beecher Stowe, so well known by her writings.

Professor James Strong,s.t.d., Theological Seminary, Madison, N. J. Born in New York, August 14, 1822. Graduated at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., 1844; Teacher in Troy Conference Seminary, Poultney, Vt., 1844-46; projected and built the Flushing Railroad, of which he was President; received the degree of Doctor of Sacred Theology from Wesleyan University, 1856; Professor of Biblical Literature and acting President of Troy University, 1858-61; Professor in Drew Theological Seminary since 1868; was associated with the late Dr. McClintock in compiling the "Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature."

Professor C. V. A. Van Dyck, D.d., M. D., Beirut, Syria (Advisory Member on questions of Arabic).

0. T. Company, 14.

Note.—The American Old Testament Company has lost by death. Tayler Lewis, Ll.d., Professor Emeritus of Greek and Hebrew, Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., d. 1877.


Ex-Pres. Theodore Dwight Woolsey, D.d., Ll.d. (Chairman), New Haven, Conn. Born in New York, October 31, 1801. Graduated at Yale College in 1820; studied theology at Princeton and in Germany; Professorof thetJreek Language and Literature in Yale College, 1831-46; President of Yale College, 1846-71; received the degree of Ll.d. from Wesleyan University, 1845, and of s. T. D. from Harvard in 1847; edited several Greek plays; has written various works upon inter

national law and political science which have had a wide influence; is acknowledged to be among the foremost, of liying scholars.

Professor J. Henry Thayer, D. D. (Secretary), Theological Seminary, Andover, Mass. Born in Boston, Mass., November 7, 1828. Graduated at Harvard College in 1850, and at Andover Theological Seminary, 1857; minister of the Evangelical Congregational Church, Quincy, Mass, 1858; pastor of Crombie Street Church, Salem, Mass., 1859-64; Chaplain of the Fortieth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers, 1862-63; Professor of Sacred Literature in Andover Theological Seminary since 1864; translated Winer's "New Testament Grammar."

Professor Ezra Abbot, D.d., Ll.d., Divinity School, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. Born in Jackson, Me., April 29, 1819. Graduated at Bowdoin College, 1840; Assistant Librarian at Harvard, 1856, and, since 1872, Professor of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation in the Cambridge Divinity School. He was assoeiated with Professor Hackett in editing the American revision of Smith's "Bible Dictionary," and is known as a scholar of remarkable attainments.

The Kev. J. K. Burr, D. D., Trenton, New Jersey.

President Thomas Chase, Ll.d., Ilaverford College, Pa. Born at Worcester, Mass., June 16, 1827. Graduated at Harvard College, 1848; Tutor and Latin Professor at Harvard for three years; studied at the University of Berlin, Germany, 1853-55; Professor of Philology and Classic Literature at Haverford College, Pa., since 1855, and now President of that institution.

Chancellor Howard Crosby, D. i)., Ll. D., New York University, New York. Born in New York City, February 27,1826. Graduated at the University of the City of New York, 1844; Professor of Greek in that institution in 1851; Professor of Greek in Rutgers College, New Jersey, in 1859; Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1861-62; pastor of Fourth Avenue Presbvterian Church, New York

City, since 1863, and Chancellor of the University of New York since 1870.

Professor Timothy Dwight. D. D., Divinity School of Yale College, New Haven, Conn.; a grandson of the celebrated Timothy Dwight, President of Yale College. Graduated at Yale College, 1849; Professor of Sacred Literature in Yale Theological Seminary since 1858.

Professor A. C. Kendrick, D. D., Ll.d., University of Rochester, Rochester, N. Y. Born at Poultney, Vt., December 7, 1809. Graduated at Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y., 1831; Professor of Ancient Languages at Hamilton (now Madison) University, 1831-50; Professor of Greek in the University of Rochester since 1850; has edited several Greek books, and was one of the translators of Lange's "Biblical Commentary.".

The Right Rev. Alfred Lee, D. D., Bishop of the Diocese of Delaware. Born at Cambridge, Mass., September 9, 1807. Graduated at Harvard College, 1827; practised law at Norwich, Conn., 1831-33; studied in the General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church, New York; ordained Deacon in 1837, and Priest, 1838; Rector of Calvary Church, Rockdale, Del., 1838-41; Bishop of Delaware since 1841.

Professor Matthew B. RidDle, D. D., Theological Seminary. Hartford, Conn.

Professor Philip Schaff, D. D., Ll,d., Union Theological Seminary, New .York. Born in Switzerland, January 1, 1819. Educated at Stuttgart, Tubingen, Halle, and Berlin; took the degree of B. D.; travelled in France, Switzerland, and Italy; lectured in the University of Berlin, 1842-44; upon the recommendation of Neander, Tholuck, and others was invited to a professorship in the Theological Seminary of the German Reformed Church at Mercersburg, Pa.; held this position 1844-63; lectured on Church History in the Theological Seminaries at Hartford, Andover, and New York; Professor of Sacred Literature in the Union Theological Seminary, New York City, since 1870. The list of his publications would

be too voluminous for insertion here. Among them are a "History of the Apostolic Church," " History of the Christian Church," Lange's "Critical, Theological, and Homiletical Commentary on the Bible" (translated from the German), "Dictionary of the Bible," "Christian Catechism," etc.

Professor Charles Short, Ll.d. (Secretary), New York. Born at Haverhill, Mass., 1821. Studied at Bradford, and Philips Academy at Andover. Graduated at Harvard, 1846; instructor at Philips Academy, Roxbury, Mass., and Philadelphia; President and Professor of Kenyon College, 1863-67; Professor of Latin. Columbia College, 1868; revised Andrewe; Freund's "Latin Dictionary."

The Rev. Edward A. WashBurn, D. D., Calvary Church, New York. Born at Boston, Mass., April 16, 1819. Graduated at Harvard College, 1838; studied in the Theological Seminaries at Andover and New Haven; Rector of St. Paul's (Episcopal) Church, Newbury port, Mass., 1844-51: Rector of St. John's, Hartford, Conn., and Professor of Church Polity in the Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, 1853-62; Rector of St. Mark's, Philadelphia, 1862-65; Rector of Calvary Church, New York, from 1865 until the spring of 1881, when he died greatly lamented.

N. T. Company, 13.

In both Companies, 27.

Note.—The American New Testament Company has lost—by death, James HadI.ey, Ll.d., Professor of Greek, Yale College, Conn, (who attended the first session), died 1872; Professor Henbt Boynton

Smith, D. D., Ll.d., Union Theological Seminary, New York (who attended one session, and resigned from ill health), died 1877; Professor Horatio B. Hackett, D. D., Ll.d., Theological Seminary, Rochester, N. Y., died 1876; and Professor Charles Hodge, D. D., Ll.d., Theological Seminary, Princeton, N. J. (who never attended the meetings, but corresponded with the Committee), died 1878; and by resignation, Rev. G. R. Crooks, D. D.. New York, and Rev. W. F. Warren, D. D.. Boston (who accepted the original appointment, but found it impossible to attend).

A number of Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church and Professors of sacred learning, who had been invited to join the American Committee at its first organization in 1871, declined from want of time or other reasons, but expressed interest in the work and confidence is its success.

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