of the two other sons "of John and Ann Stanwood," Thomas and Joseph. Joseph's name strengthens the supposition that Joseph was the name of John's father.

Rev. Henry Stanwood says that his grandmother's name was Mary and not Ann Atkinson. He must certainly have been mistaken in this, for three of the daughters of John and Ann married as Mr. Stanwood has said. In the records of Newburyport are the marriages of an Anne Stanwood to Joseph Noyes, of an Esther Stanwood to a Simeon Noyes, and of an Elizabeth to Jacob Bowen, which seems to confirm the statement made here that his grandmother was Ann and not Mary Atkinson.

Mr. Stanwood failed to tell what his grandfather's Christian name was. But there seems to be little doubt that it was John, for no other Stanwood married an Atkinson, and in addition, in accordance with the custom of the times that the oldest son be named for the father, the oldest here was John. His third son, Joseph, named a son John, and when he died in infancy named his next son John. The name has been kept in the younger generations.

From John and Ann Stanwood comes one of the largest Newburyport branches.

Children of John and Ann:

241. Anne, b. August 16, 1747; m. March 29, 1778, Joseph

Noyes, of Newburyport.

242. Elizabeth, b. September 27, 1749; marriage intention

recorded February 8, 1785, to Jacob Bowen.

243. Esther, b. April 16, 1754; m. October 6, 1778, Simeon

Noyes, of Newburyport.

244. John, b. about 1761.

245. Thomas, b. April 1, 1763.

246. Joseph, b. January 12, 1764.

247. (dau.); m. Gibson.

112. EBENEZER STANWOOD. (ebenezer, 45.)

Ebenezer Stanwood was born October 11, 1724, in Ipswich. His intention of marriage with Sarah Wilcomb, of Ipswich, was recorded on January 11, 1744. Sarah Wilcomb was born in Ipswich in 1715, and was the daughter of William and Charity (Dod) Wilcomb. Her father was a fisherman, born at the Isles of Shoals, but brought to Ipswich when very young, and placed under the guardianship of Henry Spiller. He lived on "the lane leading to Smith's ship yard," and had his flakes on Jeffrey's Neck. He was a member of the First Church. Sarah Wilcomb Stanwood died about 1760, for on April 15 th of that year an Ebenezer, probably the same, married Mrs. Thankful Smith.

Ebenezer was a peruke-maker, as is shown by a deed at Salem, when in 1766 " Ebenezer Stanwood of Ipswich Peruke-maker and Thankful his wife" quitclaimed land to John Smith, 4th. This trade he taught his eldest son, William, who afterwards engaged in the business, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

In 1765, Ebenezer's land in Ipswich, on which his house stood, is described as 52^ feet on the country road, 53 feet northwest on land of John Pindar, 15 rods and 6 feet east on Mr. Dummer Jewet, one straight line 15 rods and 6 feet southwest on the land belonging to the heirs of Daniel Appleton, Esq.

On July 9, 1787, the "wife of Ebenezer Stanwood died." He himself died December 29, 1798, aged seventy-four years.

Children of Ebenezer and Sarah:

248. William, bapt. November 2, 1746.

249. Ebenezer, bapt. December 27, 1747.

He enlisted in the Revolution in Captain Nathaniel Wade's company, and remained in this company from May 15, 1775, until the last of 1777. In the early part of 1776 he was at Prospect Hill; later, in May, he was at Long Island. In 1777, he seems to have been in Ipswich, and his name appears once more in a list of prisoners sent from Newport, R.I., in the "Lord Sandwich," prison ship, and landed at Bristol, March 7, 1778.

In 1786, Ebenezer, who was a cabinet-maker by trade, had a guardian appointed to look after his property. On September 12, 1782, he married Anna Badger, and it was probably he who later, September 16, 1797, published his intention of marriage with Joanna Constable. He died in Ipswich, September, 1823.

250. John, b. 1750.

251. Sarah, bapt. January 12, 1752; died unmarried, April 19,


252. Isaac, b. May 2, 1755.

253. Nathaniel, b. August 16, 1757.

254. Stephen, b. September 20, 1758.

122. LEMUEL STANWOOD. (david, 46.)

Lemuel Stanwood was born in Gloucester, July 3, 1746. On August 27, 1766, he married Lydia Stacey, the daughter of Deacon Stacey, of Gloucester. Lemuel was a yeoman and a mariner. He died in Newburyport, May 18, 1810, and his widow continued to live in that town with her daughter Lydia, the wife of Onan Berry, until her death, September 26, 1821. She was eighty years old. Mr. Francis C. Stanwood, of Boston, has many of the bills paid by her son, David Stanwood, to his sister, Mrs. Berry, for their mother's support during the years of her widowhood.

Children of Lemuel and Lydia:

255. David, bapt. August 2, 1767 ; died early.

256. Lydia, bapt. May 6, 1769; m. January 29, 1786, Onan


257. Lemuel, b. August 4, 1771.

258. David, bapt. December 12, 1773.

128. JOSHUA STANWOOD. (nehemiah, 47.) Joshua Stanwood was born in Gloucester, October 24,

1731. On January 2, 1753, he married Mary Riggs, of Gloucester. The intention of marriage, published June 22, 1799, with Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd, probably applies to this Joshua Stanwood. He had a long career as a private during the Revolution, in Captain Daniel Warner's company, stationed at Gloucester as coast guard. He enlisted first on July 19, 1775, for three months and twenty-one days, on November 1st of the same year, on January 16, 1776, and on March 1st, May 31st, and September 1st, of the same year, serving until December 31st. His whole term of service was in Gloucester.

On April 30, 1812, Joshua Stanwood died at Gloucester, aged seventy-eight.

Children of Joshua and Mary:

259. Joseph, bapt. October 12, 1755.

260. Joshua, b. October 6, 1755; d. March 9, 1759, at 7 A.M.

261. Mary, b. June 7, 1757; m. September 13, 1779, Jeremiah


262. Aaron, b. March 6, 1759.

263. Joshua, b. September 3, 1762.

264. Judith, bapt. September 25. 1763.

265. Isaac, b. June 10, 1764; died early.

266. Isaac, b. January 3, 1766.

267. Martha, b. August 15, 1768.

268. Sarah, b. November 3, 1771.

129. NEHEMIAH STANWOOD. (nehemiah, 47.) Nehemiah Stanwood was born in Gloucester, June 26,

1733. Very little is known of him beyond the fact that he was a fisherman. His intention of marriage with Ruth Morgan was recorded January 31, 1756. He died in 1815; and his son, Nehemiah, Jr., was appointed administrator to the estate on December 17th.

Children of Nehemiah and Ruth:

269. Nehemiah, b. June 4, 1757.

270. Ruth, bapt. August 26, 1759.

271. Winthrop, bapt. September 6, 1761.

272. Daniel, b. September 16 or 18, 1763. In 1780, when

seventeen years old, he was one of Major Scott's recruits mustered at Kingston, in the 3d New Hampshire Regiment, and is recorded as of New Salem, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. He served five months and twenty-two days. In 1833, the amount of pension that had been paid to him was ^1160-5; for blankets, etc., £335; and for ninety-five miles to Worcester, ^97.

273. David, b. October 9, 1765.

274. Henry, b. August 28, 1767.

275. Judith, bapt. February 11, 1770.

276. John Morgan, bapt. August 7, 1770.

137. ZEBULON STANWOOD. (job, 55.)

Zebulon Stanwood, merchant and farmer, was born in Gloucester the 19th of April, 1751. In 1772, on the 27th of June, he married Mary, the eighth child of Samuel and Anna (Proctor) Rust. The Rev. Mr. Daniel Fuller performed the ceremony. Sometime between 1794 and 1829, Mary Rust Stanwood died, for Zebulon's intent of marriage with Nancy Bray was published on October 25th of the latter year. His wife Nancy is mentioned in his will. According to Babson's " Gloucester," Zebulon bought the Woodward farm at Little River, and died there, at the age of eighty-seven, in 1838. His will was as follows:

In the Name of G.O.D. amen, I Zebulun Stanwood, of Gloucester in the county of Essex, and State of Massachusetts, yeoman, considering the uncertainty of this life, and being of sound and perfect mind. And memory blessed be Almighty God for the same, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say: — After my just debts and funeral expenses shall have been paid; I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Nancy, all the per

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