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6 Cohen, Charles, President.


Finance—J. H. Baskette, Chairman; E. M. Wrenne, C. W. Ba1ley, Charles H1tt, J. T. Roberts.

Improvements and ExpendituresJohn Waddle, Chairman; Wm. G. Reyer, Wm. Kelley, Chas. MarL1n, George Enghaus.

Erroneous AssessmentPaul Schoenpflug, Chairman; John Langham, Wm. Campbell, G A. Blodau, G. M. Canf1eld.

Sanitary—A. Schardt, Chairman; L. T. Foutch, I. G. Campbell, J. K. Archey, F. J. Ehrhart.

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1. The regular meetings of the City Council shall be held in the council chamber on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. The hour of meeting from April to September, inclusive, shall be at 8 o'clock; from October to March, inclusive, at 7:30 o'clock, unless otherwise ordered by resolution of the City Council.

2. At the hour appointed for the meeting of the Council, the President shall take the chair, and the members shall be called to order.

3. In case the President shall not be present, the Recorder shall call the Council to order, when a President pro tern, shall be chosen by the Council for that meeting, or until the appearance of the President.

4. The order of business, which shall not in any case be departed from, except by a majority of the members present voting therefor, shall be as follows:

1. Calling of the roll.

2. Reading of the minutes of the last meeting.

3. Mayor's message.

4. Report of Recorder.

5. Elections.

6. Report of the Finance Committee.

7. Report of the Improvement and Expenditure


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